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14 Weeks on TRT, First Bloodwork. Thoughts? Report Attached

Depends on the person. I feel about the same. I am warmer, libido is maybe up a bit. What I really notice is I look worse lol. The water went to mostly my abdomen.

Some compounds make people feel not so great (sdrol, drol), some make some people feel great and others not so great (Deca, Tren), some almost everyone feels good on (Test, Mast, Dbol, Tbol), if the dosages are about right.

I think part of it is getting used to being on Test. Some get almost flu like symptoms when they go from natty to cycle. I don’t see that as much with the guys on TRT.

Blasting might not be for you if you were getting palpitations on 200 mg/wk. Or you might need to find something that doesn’t do that.


That sucks, actually kinda the same happened with me, my belly got a lot bigger and bloated.

And yes my libido was better at higher dose.
But I guess I’ll give it a little time to adjust.

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That’s sad to know but true.
I think I’m just gonna stick with lower doses of T, as I started TRT as treatment for my low t and not for muscles building per se, but I wouldn’t mind packing on some muscles as well.

Wonder if I’m still gonna pack on muscles with 135mg.

Once again, it was very helpful, thanks a lot man.


Forget about the dose. Go off of blood levels. If you were to have two guys at the same blood levels for TT and FT, but one was on double the dose, the gains would be about equal, and so would the risk (if everything else about these guys was equal). It sounds like you will have plenty high testosterone levels with 135 mg/wk.

I mention this because a lot of guys try to separate who has good genetics, and who has bad genetics based off of how big they got on a certain dose. Well that dose could mean totally different things for two different people in regards to blood levels.

You can have an amazing physique on TRT. It isn’t going to look like a BBer on stage, but it can still be a great physique, and probably preferred by most people.

If you decide to blast in the future, look into the stuff about your heart. You may need some other meds to do it safely (maybe an ARB, or beta blocker, as well as something to keep the bloat down as that doesn’t help with blood pressure).


Got it, will keep in mind. :+1:

High estradiol can cause water retention which can cause high blood pressure. Keep and eye on your bp at home with a monitor. A panel including Total T, Free T, SHBG and Estradiol should always be included for general hormone blood work.

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Will check Estradiol in the next tests. Thanks

Just checked my BP, it’s 118/73, pulse 73.

The BP and the pulse came down 10 points each ever since I lowered down the my T dose.


@Minted you may want to peruse this very large thread and my last post (linked):

Go into this with as much education as possible. There is no individual walking the earth (that doesn’t have clinical disease - PAIS) that has peak or trough TT level of 1500 ng/dl (and of course not 2800 ng/dl). Perhaps you’ll be able to get away with it long term, perhaps you won’t.

Know the risks which seem to be downplayed by the TOT groups. 1500 ng/dl TT (day in and day out every day for the rest of your life) is not TRT. Even peak TT at 1500 ng/dl followed by trough at ~800 ng/dl is pushing it. Good luck.


Will definitely look into it further.
Minimum effective dose is my target as I’m not on TRT for muscle building but to deal with the low t symptoms. I’m already feeling better only after 10 days on lowered dose so high doses isn’t my thing naturally.
Also I’m quite fed up with the acne problem on my chest and back which I never had even in my teens.

Thanks for the info, I appreciate.

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I recently came off a 300mg/wk cycle and I was getting bloated but didnt realize it until I started to feel gross in a medium T shirt. Belly was not sexy. I dropped back down to 200mg which is my TRT dose and suddenly Im getting hit on again. Losing the water weight, I slimmed down and my face became attractive again. This was evident when a lady I know couldnt stop talking about how great I looked, and I must agree. My clothes fit me right again.

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Good for you man.
My belly is still not there to get me any compliments yet.

I’m missing the pump, the tightness in muscles and the strength on high dose though, don’t know if that’s really because of lowered T or just my imagination.