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14 Week Cycle, Adding Hcg

Hello all,

I am approaching my last week to pin 300ml Test E. I have been on cycle for 14 weeks now and have had a blast no pun intended. I would like a second opinion on my HCG Protocol leading up to my PCT which will consist of Clomid at 50mg for three weeks then down to 25mg for another 3 with Nolva at 40mg for three weeks then down to 20mg for the remaining three.

I have thus far injected 2x 500 IU’s of HCG and will continue this for the next three weeks. After my last HCG pin i will wait three days before commencing the Clomid/Nolva.

I am taking aromasin at 25mg eod throughout my entire cycle and will continue or maybe lower the dosage to 12.5mg eod upon PCT commencement.

25 Years of age
13% BF

No side effects, had blood drawn at week 7 when RBC, HTC and Hemo were all sightly above reference ranges.

Retested at Week 13 everything came back in normal ranges.

Please share your thoughts!! All advice and guidance would be highly appreciated.

Kindest regards.