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14 Set Deadlift, New PR


So today I hit my new PR of 470, but the thing I cant believe is how i could last do many damn sets. ill give you a rundown...

every set till here I had really great explosive speed
470-1(red lights cuz I hitched)

I felt great, I think part of it was cuz I was cuzzin up a storm and I drank a BANG! while
I lifted

I know 470 is a warm up to most, but for only deadlifting for 10 months, and in that time Ive went from getting 225x2 to this, I feel accomplished, this was all raw too, just a belt.


lol “cuzzing up a storm”

you should save the money you are gonna spend on a bench shirt and instead buy a dictionary, books, maybe some private tutoring and join a library.

but anyway… solid deadlift! perhaps with less warm ups next time you can hit nearer 500 which would be a great lift at your age.

whats your bodyweight?


you are gonna be strong as hell in 2-3 years if you stick with it.


nice work man, keep attacking the deadlift and you will turn yourself into a monster years down the road.


lol i forgot to change cussing. ill probably stop warming up so much soon, but i like doin alot of sets, i just hit a max today


my bodyweight is 215


Maybe start a training log? Youve made 3 or 4 posts about your PR’s…just sayin.


Nice deadlift, for your age especially. Keep it up.


were these for speed deadlifts?

jk… Great lift, congrats


lol i would never do a training log. my other lifts are lacking too much, but im working on it


You still need to warm up thoroughly, but cut down on the sets and make bigger jumps closer to your max.


I second what Ghost is saying, try warming up with a bigger weight, i.e like 225 and try to move up by 10% of your 1RM until you hit about 70% then move by 5%. Other than that damn good for 10 months, and damn good for doing deadlifts, most people avoid them like the plague.

Oh and try to stay at 2 reps+, even if you have to adjust your grip and rest for 5-10’s seconds it’s still achieving 2 reps for that set.