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14 Months Training


14 months ago I was 5' 10 and 130 pounds. I am now 5' 10 and 172 pounds. Here are some of my current lifts...

Deadlift: 285x8
Full Squat: 215x8
Bench Press: 155x10
Power Clean: 195x1

I have recently gone on the anabolic diet to try and gain muscle while keeping fat to a minimum. I'm not exactly from a lean family (mom, dad, and brother are obese, sister is skinny-fat). I know I still have a lot of work to do but I would just like to see where I stand now.




too early as you don’t really stand anywhere. you’ve barely scratched the surface. your quads have a pretty good foundation tho. are you training heavy for size and power? at that weight and with 14 months under your belt, your lifts should be a bit better than that i imagine. what’s your current routine look like?


Wheres the after pics>?


Good quads. You have plenty of time and room to improve. The AD is an amazing diet and will help with that, be sure to continue busting your butt in the gym.


Here’s my current routine:

Sunday: Clean, Full Squat
Monday: Pull-up, Dip, Lunge
Wednesday: Front Squat, Deadlift
Friday: Bench Press, Bent-over Row, Overhead Press

Most exercises are done with around 8 reps, well except the cleans. And 3 sets per exercise. I also get about 45 minutes of low-intensity cardio each day in the form of riding my bike to class. After spring break I’m gonna go stronger on my bulk, I think I’m eating to close to maintenance calories right now. I just wish the the second 40 pounds would come as easily as the first.


14 months? and 42 lbs of muscle later? I don’t see 42lbs of muscle…you might need to meet with a qualified coach or trainer…something is going wrong there…but the quads are pretty stacked compared to the rest of your body…

My motto is attack your weak points…every 3 weeks or so see what part of your body is lagging…for you i would say your entire upper body and calves…

keep up the hard work, but you might need to start eating a lot more and doing some serious upperbody work…


He looks 5’10" 172 lbs to me.

Good job, dude. Good progress. Keep at it.

“The New Rules of Lifting” by Alwyn has some good periodized hypertrophy and strength programs in it, as well as nutrition advice. Worth a look as it you can make year long programs out of it and the undulating periodization keeps you from getting bored and not growing.


Don’t you and every other 150 pounder out there. Actually every serious lifter would like beginner results to continue. Takes time. You should be grateful for your progress so far.


What amounts of protein are you consuming in your current diet.

Most importantly, in the morning and pre and post workout?


Got some before pics?


On weekdays my breakfast is:

3 eggs, 2 slices of cheese, 4-5 slices of bacon depending on size, 2 fish oil pills

I workout soon after breakfast, and have a scoop of whey + a scoop of creatine afterward. And about an hour after that I have a delicious cheeseburger. Unfortunately I don’t have a picture of me at 130 but here I was at 160.


And here’s a picture of me now. The only difference between this picture and the one at the beginning of this thread is I turned flash off. Didn’t realize what a difference it makes…


Your upper body, back and hammies need work. Good quads though. Keep up the hard work


Good quad development but you need to work on your back just like I do. Do rows, pullups, deadlifts. Also your chest is lagging. Basically your whole upper torso is lagging compared to your quads but keep at it. I’m not going to rate you however because it’s too early.


your quads are rediculous for how strong you are. however, by looking at your torso and arms, your back especially. It doesn’t even look like you train them.


Chest, arms, and lats need work. Keep up the heavy lifting. 40lb is good.


Agree with zephead, hardly looks like you lift weights regarding upper body


Well, you look like you’re made for squatting. Excellent quads, solid calves, too.


holy shit