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14 Month Transformation, Currently 140 Pounds. Opinions?

5’7" 140lbs
This is my 1yr2months transformation. How would you rate my current look (feel free to be thorough and brutal). PS. I flexed but I am not pumped :stuck_out_tongue:
Thanks in advance.

This has to be a typo, right?

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Ye, I am 5’'7

how old are you?

nice job.

You’re at a good point to start cleanly and slowly bulking back up. Nice job.

Thanks, I am 27

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I’ve bumped my calorie intake from 2k to 2.2k for about half a year now. I would like to maintain the body fat throughout the bulking fat. I’ve read it’s possible and slower, but I don’t know how much slower.
I also trained before, in last 10 years, let’s say I trained 1-2 year (apart from my current 14 months training) and I am not sure how much of the newbie gains I consumed and what happened during the cutting phase, thus I don’t know how much more lean mass I can get as natural and at which rate.

I would bump up another 300 calories if you’ve been on the same diet for that long. Slow is the key to not adding body fat while bulking. How slow? No faster than 1lb avg per week. I’m not near as lean as you but I prefer a bulkier look. I’m same height, 5’7" and about 205lbs in my avatar as an example.

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