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14 Hour Fast for Blood Test


Not sure if this is the correct area to post this one.

I?m getting my cholesterol and my T levels checked. I have a blood test tomorrow but I am required to fast for 14 hours before hand. 14 hours of no food, I think i’m going to pass out. Why do I need to fast? Can I still get away with protein only consumption or will this effect the test?

protien drinks will affect your blood test
I would just stop eating at 7:00 pm and you’ll be fine I fasted for 12 hours before my test and its no big deal
good luck

ok thanks bullddogg

good question.

you know that, if you fast for 14 hours, not only will you pass out, but you will also lose 5-15% of your LBM. seriously, i read it somewhere on the net, and thus i know it’s true.

hey medical people, the fasting is to stabilize blood lipid profiles without acute dietary influence, correct? anyhoo, does it really take that long? what about coffee and other non-caloric drinks? also, HOW much can eating affect the test? are we talking 20% error or an order of magnitude?

why are you getting these tests? the reason i ask is: will you do anything differently based on the results? if you eat well, exercise hard, and are generally healthy (don’t smoke, etc.), then what more will you do? just a thought …