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13yr. old phenom at APA Sacramento Meet


Here are Henry's best lifts at the APA Raw Sacramento Championships. He is 13 years old and weighed at 207. He is a 7th grader with about 6 months of training experience.

Squat: He went 3 for 3. 185, 205, 215 (a 15lbs. PR)

Bench Press: He went 2 for 3. 125, 135 miss, 135 (ties PR)

Deadift: He went 2 for 3. 275, 305, 315 miss. He locked out 315 but hitched the hell out of it unfortunately. Nonetheless 305 is a 5lbs. PR

So a 655 total, which is a 20lbs. PR from his best training total.

Here is his 315 miss:

What were you doing at 13???


Good for him

LOL I care more about what I'm doing now and then the next day and then next day and so on and so forth


Age aside, he's pretty weak for his weight. Was expecting more from a "phenom".


good job! when I was 13 I could barely lift the SEGA controller


At 13 I had a barbie story line going on where one of the girls (Amy) went to Africa for a summer (my front yard) to help resuce some endangered Rhino species that were being hunted.
It was a very eye opening experience for her and once she returned home she realized she had left her heart in Africa with one very special rhino and decided to move and live in Africa permanently.
She was such a good person, very selfless indeed.
Sigh, those were the days...

Oh, uh ya! Great lifting youngin'!


what??? Again what were you lifting at 13? I will make a bold perdiction: I promise you he will out lift what you are currently doing now by the the time he is 18. I have no idea who you are or what you can put up, but I am that confident. Why don't you post some current maxes so we have something to motivate our training?


come on guys lets not be dicks! He's young and training and working hard! Congrats on his total!




It's great that he's starting young, but I wouldn't call him a phenom either.

For the record, I had higher lifts @ 130lbs. Then again, I was 14, but I was also 77lbs lighter.


Agreed nothing special for his size and age. Most people don't start lifting this young so you can't really compare progress by saying "what were you lifting at 13". Can have huge potential for getting such an early start though. I wish I had started earlier, didn't pass 200lbs until I was 21, and I'm 6'5.


Not a phenom, but the potential is almost endless. I benched 135 at about 145 BW at 13 but that was about all the lifting i did until I got to 19 or twenty unfortunately. Hopefully he keeps up the drive in the coming years!


At 13 I had a comparable bench at a BW of about 140. I hadn't started Powerlifting yet, so I wasn't doing squat or deadlift. But to echo, it's kind of absurd to call someone a phenom for achieving numbers most of had attained within a year of training at comparable ages.


The kid has started young and could well go on to lift big numbers later on in life but I do worry about his longevity, if it was my kid I would stick to bodyweight exercises for a few more years


At 14 I was benching about 165 at about 145 lbs. I didn't know how to squat or deadlift the right way, so my shitty versions were about a 250 squat and a 300 deadlift.



Goddamn tards, it's the dude's stepson, of course he's going to be proud of him.

Crow, great showing. Keep him motivated. How did you start training with him at a young age? When I have kids, I want them to lift.


Clearly the videos are of the OPs son, and that's why he's getting so upset.
Living vicariously.


Nice work. Keep him going. A good thing for a 13-year-old to be focused on. He should be proud of his effort and accomplishments!


at 13 messing around at home in the garage i made a 230 squat, 315 deadlift and 155lb bench, weighing around 198. the lifts weren't to competition standards though.

kid's doing a great job. good luck to him


I remember nothing about age 13 lifts. At 14 I started smoking lots of weed tho, so maybe thats why I dont have the impeccable memory of everyone else here. I may have been doing the 1000 lb, 6 inch ROM leg presses that were so popular on the soccer team back then, tho, haha.


Alright I spent a day reading posts about my 13 YRS OLD stepson. I have a lot of things to say. First of all, I used the term "phenom" is a proud parent, who is very excited about the effort my son has put forth training and competing. I was using it as a form of encouragement and celebration for him a see and be motivated by to continue training and busting ass in the gym on a weekly basis. I did not realize the "exactness" police were going to critique my summary. I don't know if the haters don't have children, are jealous, or just down right bad people that they have to degrade a 13 year old. To (Anus bleach, TigerTime, Suflandy, anmericaninsweden, heavytriple, gerrard08) would you say discouraging things to a 13 year old's face? Or is this classic internet mob/group talk tactics that you have big balls behind a keyboard but are really Grand Canyon size vagina's in person. To (kpsnap, spar4tee, T3hPunisher, HERC410, robertjr93), thank you for the words and recognition, Henry and I really appreciate it.


The APA state/national/and world record in the 13-15 age class at 220 is 340. I think a 315 (305 official) pull for a kid who just turned 13 is pretty phenomonal.

All of the hater talked about what their benches were AT 14 (not 13), not their squat or deadlift. My question has not changed. What were you doing at 13, why weren't you squating or pulling? I think the mere fact that Henry is, is pretty phenomonal.

To gerrard08 who wnat him to just do BW exercises: you are a douchebag and the reason we suck at weightlifting internationally in this country. Henry can squat 215, what kind of stress and adaptation will BW squats stimulate?

Henry also olympic lifts. He has snatched 85 lbs., clean & jerk 115lbs., cleaned 120lbs. With about 3 months of training.

To all you haters: how many of you have competed and what age did you start? I think starting at 13 and performing well is by its nature phenomonal.