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13mm Lever Belt

Just got a new 13mm lever belt for Christmas.
I’ve had single prong for years. I’ve always hung my belt by the roller on the buckle.
How do you hang a lever belt?
Probably a silly question, but I would think the PL crowd has a good answer.

I stopped hanging my lever belt, because 3 times it has fallen straight onto the lever and broke a prong.

I just lay it on the floor.


Same as @T3hPwnisher I put mine on a chair or the floor. Only had to have it unclip and fall once to never do that again.


Spring clamp from the wood section of your hardware store.

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Throw it like you’re playing ring toss until it breaks and then buy a pioneer cut belt lol

I know this thread is over a week old, but I’m a bit confused. Why would a person hang their powerlifting belt? Is this at home or in the gym? I just keep mine in my gym bag… but 2 people who are stronger than me are in here talking about how they used to hang their belts, and now I’m questioning everything!

My gym is my garage, so I’d hang my belt so that it wouldn’t be on the floor and in the way. It hanging also meant I didn’t have to bend over to pick it up off the floor, which is always a plus.


Home gym. I hang my other belts. Same reasons as above.
Christmas gift, always a single prong buckle before.

My gym has hooks on the wall for this purpose. It means you can leave your belt at the gym and you don’t need to carry it everywhere when not wearing it at the gym.

Do you hang a lever belt ?

Typed up a paragraph then saw his post. I leave mine in a table on a room out of the way at my house

@clee78 there shouldn’t be a problem with hanging them like that. I just prefer the belt to retain the bend in it. Also granted it’s tough leather I wouldn’t want to open the door and push the belt into a barbell or anything that might gouge it. I just commented on another thread about my belt I like to take care of it cause it’s not cheap and lifting is a very important in my life. Man I think I just realized I don’t have a life lol.

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That’s cool. I’m sure you do.
I’m keeping my lever on a table, hanging my prong belts.
Probably a little overkill with the belts. I like my 13mm firm, so I can push out on it. I’m carrying a little holiday weight now , so I need to tighten my prong belt using a long screwdriver to get it to the setting I like.
Nobody opens that door but me. My wife stays out of that area, she says it smells like lineament and sweat. :thinking:. Everyone needs a little personal space.

I don’t own a lever belt but other folks do and they hang them.

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Mine stays shoved into my gym locker since i’m a gear whore now. Can’t use a level belt when it has to be adjusted every layer of gear that I add.

Though I could get 4 lever belts…


I was wondering the same thing but I figured it would be better not to think too hard about it. Sometimes I hang my belt on the rack pins between sets of squats, but I don’t see what the big deal is. Is hanging wrist wraps a thing too?

The question pertains to home gyms more than anything.

He was trying to figure out how to hang a lever belt. ( Which really is just draping it over something or putting the holes through a peg )

That being said, wrist wraps and knee wraps shouldn’t be kept wrapped up. They will stretch out that way. I fold mine in my locker or gym bag. That or a very loose loop, but never rolled up tight.

I loosely wrap my wrist wraps when packing them away. It’s difficult to see them stretching out enough from this rolling to make a difference.

I train at home too. I have a few milk crates I keep my stuff in, including my belt.

If you don’t roll them tight then they won’t stretch but I would rather leave my wrist wraps out in the open air because they get sweaty, otherwise they will start to stink.

Yep. Same reason I turn my knee sleeves inside out

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yea… i wouldn’t do that at my gym.

the home gym thing makes sense though, that’s what I wasn’t considering.

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