135 to 160 Pounds In a Year Nutrition Plan

So… a rather muscular 135lbs? Care to share pics?

Why coffee (caffeine) after workout?

That would be a real challenge for me. It is definitely a good place to be taking Surge, before, during, and after workout.

But speaking of workout, how strong are you? Are you focusing on the compound lifts?

My primary warning is to stop trying to gain weight if you are not gaining more muscle than fat. You don’t want to attain your goal weight, only to find that you need to do a cut, because you are too fat. I believe that a person can stay below about 15% body fat and still have sufficient calories to gain muscle.

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And I’m only going to be measuring 2 things, weight and waist. I can see if I’m getting bigger in my arms and chest for example.

If the scale goes up and the waist doesn’t go up too much, I’ll be pretty happy

I can tell my stomach is getting bigger lmao. I was riiiiped 3 weeks ago. ruh roh


I always took the mirror as king. All things lead to what the mirror reveals.

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I take pride in my abs lol chicks dig abs. Maybe I should take it easy and go for a slow gain so I don’t get all fat mid summer. Even gaining 10 pounds would be big for me, 25 is a stretch for sure

You seem ready to get stronger. If you are getting stronger you can get add muscle volume. I would use your strength as the primary metric. If the scale is moving up and your strength is not, I would be concerned.

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Sometimes baby steps are the best. Get to 145lbs and reassess. If your 1 rep max bench press is 200lbs at 135lbs, it should be at least 215lbs at 145lbs (body weight). And you would like more.

You should read this article sometime


Having abs while weighing under 160 lbs doesn’t even count.

Speaking on behalf of myself and other large meatheads…

I’ll be the contrarian.

Permabulking can be counter productive. It is certainly effective, but at the cost of liking the changes you’re making to your body.

If your entire purpose is to look better, then turning yourself from fairly lean into a fatass is going to hurt.

Reddit is filled with autism and bad advice, but I like the [bulk until 15%, cut until 10%] cycle. You never get too fat, you can shake up your training well along these lines (periodizing) and still make progress in the right direction. This should be 2-3 month periods of bulking and cutting… Ideally 3 months bulk, 2 months cut.

I lift to look good. Would I choose to look bad in the now for the sake of looking good later? Sure, but why make that choice if you don’t have to?

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Take it for what it’s worth, I’m jealous of OP’s abs despite weighing nearly 2 of him.

I was being a little facetious. I am kind of jealous because I don’t think I will ever have a six pack without getting to the point of misery.

But, I am not in the dating market to use that as a point of attraction so it would be just plain old vanity to pursue that at this point.


Thanks man, I’ll definitely do this if I notice I’m getting fat or just need a break

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update if anyway’s interested. I dropped all protein powders and added oatmeal and crackers for carbs. It feels a lot better doing it without powders. Actually feels pretty badass gaining weight all natural

I put on 10 lbs in 2 months overall.

That being said, I’ll be trying a beef protein powder lol. (total of 2 - 30g scoops/day = 48g from powders) I can’t do whey or soy and am struggling to get total protein without overdoing the fat (peanuts, eggs, etc. loaded with fat) you can see I gained a bit of fat, I’m not worried about it because of my stupid week off I’m accidentally cutting ffs.

need to clean that nasty ass bathroom mirror at work


That’s good progress.

How much protein are you taking in per day overall? I would shoot for 175 or so at your body weight.

What routine are you following?

Are you using calipers or some other way to track fat increase trend?

Still looking quite lean even with some fat gain. Keep trucking.

That’s funny, 175 is my exact target.

Im following the routine from a link someone posted I think in the first comment. I do 1 set to failure of each group: hamstrings/lats/delts/biceps, day 2 is quads/chest/delts/triceps. 2 days on, 1 day off. i was doing 6 days a week and burned out, had to stop working out.

Thanks! I only measure two things, weight and stomach. if im gaining weight and stomach isnt growing too much Im happy

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