135 to 160 Pounds In a Year Nutrition Plan

Hey guys, I’m wondering what you think of my calories I’m planning to eat (bold below so you don’t have to read all this crap). I’m hoping to gain 1/2 pound a week (135-160lbs). I’ve just started on a project and completion date is June next year, so that gives me a year.

I’m 5’-6" and 3 weeks ago was 135lbs. Not a skinny little 135 though, I’ve got a good natural build (carpenter for 10 years and athletic my whole life). I’m a carpenter by trade so normally physical, but not so much because I’m supervising now – which is why I can finally bulk up.

First time in my life I’ve put in a solid effort to bulk and I’m almost 3 weeks in lol. My goals have been for the last 3 weeks (however I’ve actually averaged 3300/day)

Carbs - 360g (just doubled my protein intake)
Protein - 180g (30g every 3 hours)
Fats - 100g (my whoop strap says my body likes keeping it under 100g, willing to up it though if I need to)
= 3060 calories

**After doing some more reading, I think I should go for **
Carbs - 360-440g (6-7g/kg)
Protein - 160g (2.5g/kg)
Fats - 125g (2g/kg)
= 3200-3500 calories

Not a huge difference in calories, but more carbs and fat, less protein

My new nutrition plan would be:
workout at 5am then eat breakfast, again at 9am, 12pm, 3pm, 6pm, and 8pm before a 9 o’clock bedtime.

6am = no shakes – 110g millet rice cereal, almond milk (avoiding dairy), 1.25 cups mixed berries, 2 eggs
= 713 calories, 105g carbs, 29g protein, 20g fat (big breakfast/post workout)

9am and 3pm snack - 2 egg sandwich, banana, ½ scoop Hulk and ½ scoop Shaklee grass fed whey (Shaklee’s the bomb, where I get my vitamins)
= 586 calories, 85g carbs, 20g protein, 20g fat

Lunch and supper I’ll try focus on fats, protein, and veggies (carbs will already be at 366 without lunch and supper). When the cook finally arrives, I can focus on more whole food carbs and eliminate some of my Hulk mass gainer shakes
= fat, protein, veg

8pm shake before bed - 2 scoops Hulk
= 510 calories, 90g carbs, 6g fat, 28g protein (low fat before bed good?)

NGL I scored some white powder (creatine) off a co-worker because I wanted to get as big as possible for Canada Day and didn’t care if it was water weight haha. So I’ll continue to take creatine (until I’ve gained enough size to quit taking it)

Other diet/lifestyle stuff:
Without ever actually checking my testosterone, I’m trying to raise it

  • I don’t drink alcohol
  • BPA free water source
  • Eating Healthy fats
  • Try for low added sugar. Average 20g/day (get most of it from sugar in coffee after my workout)
  • minimum dairy
  • Only able to average 6 hours of sleep a night/3.5 hours restorative sleep

Testosterone supplements already using

  • 1000mg Tribulus/day
  • 500mg red Korean gingseng/day

Taking to work with me next time:

  • Ashwagandha - 1300mg/day
  • Better quality Red Korean Ginseng – 3000mg/day
  • Better quality Tribulus – 1300mg/day
  • I WISH I could take Maca, but I get the craziest stomach aches
  • I have citrulline but I’m not up early enough before my workout to take it

I’m mostly after what you guys think of where I’m getting my calories. But any tips on anything in this essay I just wrote would be greatly appreciated. Also, natural supplement recommendations (don’t need pre/post-workout or anything, just after the herbal things like I listed above are cool)



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You are trying to bulk and you’re working out without any peri-workout nutrition at 5am. Seems like a mistake.

This article has more info on nutrition planning for what you are wanting to do:


I don’t see anything glaring.

There’s no reason to stop taking creatine - it’s not like a steroid you cycle.

How old are you and do you have any specific health concerns? That may drive the supplement recommendations. Flameout (high-quality fish oil on this site) and nattokinase (not sold here, but easy to find on Amazon) have become no-brainers for me, personally, because they positively impact my HDL and blood pressure and maybe my joints.

I don’t know anything about a Whoop strap, so I can’t offer any intelligent comments there. I do think your fat is a little high, especially if eating a lot is difficult for you (I’m making an assumption based on your current weight). That much fat tends to keep folks full, but it’s calorically dense so it’s probably not a big deal.

I like that you’re timing carbs around your workout and sleep. With as many as you’re eating, I wouldn’t want to keep insulin elevated all day. It just seems wise to give your pancreas a break.

You don’t have to eat that many meals, unless you want to. It may actually be easier for you to get that much food down if you are breaking it up that much, so there’s no reason to stop doing so, but if you find it’s getting in the way of work you can eat fewer times.

I agree that I’d enjoy my morning training a bit more with some calories via intra-workout (Surge Workout Fuel is by far my favorite), but it’s not going to break you at this point because you’re eating heavily before bed.

I see weight gain in your future! You’re far from this, based on your current weight, but do take care to not chase a scale number to the point of finding yourself permanently in maternity pants.

Thanks for the input!

I’m 31 and I managed to get my blood pressure down recently (I think stress from my old job drove me crazy). I’ve got some Shaklee omegas but that’s it for fish oils.

I definitely would prefer to keep fat down, my Dad is naturally a big guy and I’m just lucky my metabolism hasn’t shut down on me like it did to him by the time he was 31.

I’m always monitoring how I feel and the whoop strap and myfitnesspal has helped me learn more about what makes me feel good and bad. The other day I binged on sugar and felt like I was coming down with something the next day. But of course I fought it off in no time.

I don’t want to hurt my pancreas either (I don’t know much about insulin) if you think I’m eating carbs too frequently, I could focus on protein at 9/3 and slam carbs at 6am, lunch, and supper (take my 8pm shake with supper).

I have to eat that many meals cause it’s exhausting trying to eat this much unfortunately.

And for the morning workout, its short and sweet. I was given a great article in another essay forum I wrote.

Thanks again for the input, I really appreciate it

What do you think about this? 150grams of carbs in the morning seems absolutely insane but if it’s not unhealthy, I can do it. Break time (9 and 3) I’ll take it easy on carbs.

I could just add 1/2-1 full scoop of Hulk at lunch and supper if needed. typically end of the day I look at what I’m short on and eat accordingly.


I personally think there is too much supplementing and not enough eating food going on in here.


I admire people who are this organized. My 135 - 160lbs journey was mostly full of realizing it was 11pm and still needing to get 1000 calories in… Trying to decide whether 150g powdered oats is too much to put in my shake and if I can get away with another tablespoon of olive oil. :muscle:


I think what you have written is perfectly fine in terms of macro spread. See how you feel - if you stop getting hungry, you’re bloated all the time, you don’t get a pump in the gym, etc., then I’d think about bringing carb totals down.

Same! I think it can really help with consistency, though. There’s something very freeing about just being on repeat.

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Like I said, I’m struggling to eat enough real food, it’s exhausting. This stuff isn’t affecting me like cheese or cream does. Thanks for the help though.

Only thing I can think to do is eat all sorts of brown rice but that sounds like hell lol. I’m never hungry so I can’t imagine eating more.

And I don’t think its too much supplementing. Total of 1 small scoop of Shaklee and 3 scoops of mass gainer. That’s what its there for

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Yup. I eat 90% of the same foods every day now and it’s paramount to my consistency - it just took me a while to get there. Knowing what foods are palatable, easy to cook, and sit on your stomach like air is super freeing. The restriction releases you from all those needlessly stressful culinary questions the majority have to ask themselves daily.

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Oops, this was a reply to the guy laughing at my whey scoops haha.

Luckily I haven’t felt too bloated. I’ll definitely get the hang of this and find what works the best, then it’s smooth sailing… right into those maternal pants mentioned earlier :joy:

Are you vegetarian? I see no meat in the diet. I am curious if you have additional restrictions beyond what you have listed.


Could you show us everything you eat/drink today?
A list or even better… pics.


no sir, just that lunch and supper is different all the time. For now, jobsite is small and we’re cooking for ourselves. I usually do meat, veg and rice or cause we’re lazy guys, deep fry some fries unfortunately.

Our cook is arriving mid-July then I’ll just eat what she’s got. Luckily she’s a meat and potatoes gal.

I can’t express how much energy this all takes. I’m working out by 4:30am, supervising my very first commercial site 2000km from home on a remote reserve, and cooking for the crew on top of it. All while trying to get some damn weight lol.

Screw it I’ll just chug the Hulk until Bessie arrives, I don’t care hahaha

Maybe when the cook gets here. I ain’t even gonna my meals aren’t perfect because I’m the cook. That’s why I;m so consistent with breakfast and breaks, I have no time to get creative

This has nothing to do with being perfect. We just want to see what you actually ate today.

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Giving up this early in the journey gives you little room to give up when it actually gets difficult. Gaining from 135 to 145 is going to be MUCH easier than 155 to 165. Save your nuclear options for the END of the war: not the start.


Today was a weird day. I could post pictures of my MyFitnessPal that’s easiest.