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135 One-Handed Barbell Snatch


fun exercise


Hey man, it's 1134Blacklabel from youtube, I didn't know you were a member here. Nice lift! Gotta try it for myself.


you need to refilm it from another angle, the bar looks strange at one point in the lift.
if it is true, that is pretty cool but if not get a life.


The youtube haters are great, as if in some way this absolutely is impossible for a normal human being to do. Its impressive, but not so impressive anyone would waste their time faking it.


I've seen another guy on youtube do it too. Here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QlCbYKg2frU&feature=channel

I beleive that you can do it. Nice job man very impressive.


bigbeezy, is that you brah?


how much can you snatch with two hands?




anyone seen this?


I got 135 clean and press but couldn't snatch it. I'd like to blame my form but that would be just and excuse. Good work.


That's wild.


That actually looks kinda cool, in a "just for fun" sort of way.


Totally doable. Good job.

All you, who think it's fake, watch this - east european strenght http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VzlRC30_yTc


That guy is F'ing crazy, ive been watching his video's for a while now. He throws discus at the olympics.


One no longer impresses me.


The guy in that video is a beast. POLISH POWER!


It cracks me up hearing all the people that think it's fake. Go lift. Gain some appreciable amounts of strength and will power and you'll realize that although impressive, this lift is no where near worth faking. It's just not that hard. A few of you may be strong enough but lack the quickness and/or practice. If you tried it for a month you'd probably get it down.

This is, by the way, hot trying to take away from Jmaths117's accomplishment. I'm just sick of haters and snivlers. These are the people that need to get off the computer and into a dirty, rusty gym with steely eyed large men that talk little but lift much.


Jmath, what's your normal snatch?


not fake, definitely not impossible, I've done it a few times, tip: the barbell is easier than a dumbbell for whatever reason, flex in the bar or something. Just make sure you think about where you're putting it back down before you try, it won't come down pretty :slight_smile:

Nice lift man!! Keep goin!


Word, if someone can't do this, it is time to get started with some serious training.