132lb Women's Junior Raw Powerlifting Log

I started powerlifting less than 6 months ago and have made the decision to start competing. I currently work out 3 days a week and am planning to increase to 4 days after this competition. I’ve been reading a lot on the forums and am happy to see that there are women that are also really stoked about lifting and wanted a way to keep a training log and get tips/suggestions from other powerlifters on things to help increase my weights.

This is my first time ever lifting weights, I was a Competitive Cheerleader for 6 years which built a foundation for my strength but never incorporated weights or weight training into my everyday.

My initial goals are to get shredded while lifting heavy and learning what my body is capable of. I’m currently 23 years old so this will be my first and last year in the Junior division.

About 3 months ago I tested to find out my Max on Squat, Deadlift, and Bench and was really proud of myself for the weights that I was able to lift especially just starting out. I have spent a lot of time perfecting my form and making sure that I don’t create any bad habits that I would later have to go back and correct which has helped increase my strength and made me more comfortable lifting.

My 1RM as of 3 months ago was:
Squat - 145lbs
Bench - 135lbs
Deadlift - 225lbs

I will be competing in about 8 weeks in a Push/Pull Iron man Competition and hope that I can beat my Personal Goals as well as learn the ropes to competing.

Yesterday was BENCH DAY:

105lbs x 2
115lbs x 2
120lbs x 1
125lbs x 1

Lat Pulldowns
3 x 10 reps - 75lbs

5 x 3 reps

4 x 10 reps

Tomorrow will be SQUAT DAY :slight_smile: My squat is considerably low compared to my other lifts so I’m really working on getting that up and becoming more comfortable squatting heavier weights. A problem I have recently noticed is that I think I need to build more core strength, at about 145+ I start to feel that the bar is crushing me.

My Short Term Goals would be:

Squat - 175
Bench - 150
Deadlift - 250-275

Any advice, tips, or encouragement are appreciated :slight_smile:

Welcome Nikki, videos of your lifts would help with advice and tips.

One thing that you could try that could help make the heavier weights feel lighter is to do one or two heavy walkouts after your last squat set. Say your last set is 150lbs, do a walkout with say 175-200 lbs as an example, then hold for 5 seconds or so and walk it back in. This can help you get used to heavier weights as you progress and use heavier loads in the coming weeks.

Hercles, your ideas on the walkouts sounds like EXACTLY what I need. I think a lot of the problem is mental and I think that trying this out would really help me. When I’m lifting I don’t feel like it’s so heavy that I’m going to collapse or anything, I just simply get stuck and can’t move.

I’m going to the gym tomorrow and hopefully can get some videos uploaded and try this out. I’ll let you know how it goes :slight_smile: Thanks a ton!

Reverse band work can also get you used to handling heavier weights at the top end of the lift, if you’ve got access to any.

Good luck on your push/pull meet prep. Maybe after that you’ll do a full power meet :wink:

I kid, I kid…

What kind of program are you following? Anything in particular?

I was supposed to compete in a full power meet last weekend but got an infection and had to go the hospital the night before (I was BEYOND bummed) :frowning:

I decided to do the Push/Pull meet since it is being set up by the gym I currently train and it seemed like a good first meet since I missed the last one.

Currently I’ve been doing the 5/3/1 setup while working out which I’m kinda neutral about. After this competition I’m definitely going to venture into other training setups.

I actually was doing some band work last night, which was the first time I had worked with them and I found it really rewarding, not to mention that at the end of my workout my biceps were HUGE, the boys like the tease about putting the pythons away, haha.

Cheerleader to full on power lifter gotta respect that lol. Good luck on your goals Nikki.

[quote]Intangible wrote:
Cheerleader to full on power lifter gotta respect that lol. Good luck on your goals Nikki.[/quote]

Thank you!! I’m really stoked about lifting. For me it makes perfect sense to go from Cheering to Powerlifting, I wasn’t the girl that was yelling “Go Team” I was a flyer and tumbler (basically acrobat and gymnast of cheering) :slight_smile:

So yesterday was SQUAT DAY! and my legs are feeling awesome :slight_smile:

@inkaddict I took your advice and did some band work and I was able to hold 245lbs! I was soo excited, I worked on the feeling of heavier weights and then did a few single lifts without bands afterwards and was beyond impressed how much easier it was for me to lift.

Here’s my workout from last night:


Barbell w/Bands:
155 x 3
165 x 3
175 x 3
195 x 2
215 x 2
235 x 1
245 x 1

After these I removed the bands and Squatted:
145 x 2
150 x 1

I spent most of the night at the gym squatting and fixing form issues. Took my first spin at Glute/Ham Raises and I think they may be new favorite exercise. The guys at the gym were saying that most people can’t do more than 1-2 their first time, I was pumping out sets of 10 (I felt badass) haha.

I finished the night with 15 x 3 of leglifts to work on my washboard abs, or atleast the ones I’m trying to obtain haha.


Nice work. It’s unusual that your bench is so close to your squat, but it’ll give you a big leg up on the competition. If you’re competing RAW, I wouldn’t go too crazy with band tension, maybe bands that allow you to go to 125% of your RAW max, but they are great for getting used to having heavier weight on your back. I do them often at the end of my work sets.

@Pigeon - I’ve been hearing that a lot about the rareness of having a Bench and Squat that are so close, and the more I’ve talked to people the more uncommon I realize it is.

I’ve neglected updating my training log for the past few days and apologize :frowning: My roommate decided to start the season of giving a little early and shared his Bronchitis with me so I’ve been hydrating and resting as much as I can.

Tuesday I got back in the gym and did some accessory work since I felt I was up to lifting and starting regaining my strength back from being sick. I have to say I was EXTREMELY proud of myself, at the end of my work out I decided I wanted to do some Glute/Ham Raises before calling it a day and thought that maybe I could get 2 sets of 5, but instead I did 2 sets of 10. My hamstrings have been yelling at me ever since >_<


5 x 5 - 115lbs

Leg Press
4 x 10 - 170lbs

Lat Raise w/Dumbbells
2 x 15 - 10lbs

Front Raise w/Dumbbells
2 x 15 - 10lbs

2 x 10

Leg Raise/Abs
2 x 15

Back in the gym today and since I’m still a little sore from doing Goodmornings I believe it will be a Light Bench/Accessory work out day. I ordered wrist wraps from Elite FTS a few weeks ago and they arrive this week so I would really like to get in a work out to test them out and feel the difference.

I haven’t been using wraps while lifting and I know that when lifting Raw you can usually have Wrist and Knee wraps, how much of a difference do wraps usually make? I know that they help but is it something that can be seen in numbers or more of a precaution/comfort situation?

Have a Great Day!
Nikki B <3

I’ve not used knee wraps/sleeves, but I think wrist wraps just make benching feel “tighter”, and not give anything # wise, but that’s just my opinion.

[quote]inkaddict wrote:
I’ve not used knee wraps/sleeves, but I think wrist wraps just make benching feel “tighter”, and not give anything # wise, but that’s just my opinion. [/quote]

Yeah that’s what I was figuring. I’m sure it can only be beneficial. There are a few times (not very often but it has occurred) where my wrist will bend back while benching and then I’m basically done for since I can’t hold the bar like that. I think having the wrist wraps will help with that consistency of having my hand/wrist at the right angle.

I’ll give an update once I have tried them :slight_smile:

Nice strong bench girl! Damn.

looking good Nikki, good job beating that sickness.