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13 yr. Old Olympic Lifting

Here is Henry’s best snatch with 85lbs:

52kg Clean and Jerk

55kg PR Clean, missed jerk

Obviously a lifetime of work and training ahead. But I am hopeful and excited of his potential. My emphasis right now is the bottom position of the snatch and clean squat. Like all beginners he tentative jumping aggressively and deeply into his squat. I think a lot of front squats and overhead squats holding the down position will help in positioning strength. While hang lifts from the hip will help his speed and aggressiveness.

What do you guys think? If you’ve watched his 300lbs deadlift video then you can see he has plenty of pull strength. BTW his best back squat is 200lbs, and front squat is 65kg.

Here is a 300lbs. deadlift:

Fundamentals look good.

Have him start with his hips lower so he starts to use his quads more on the pull and less back.

Work on speed under the bar, his pull looks strong, but his speed under is a bit sluggish but it’ll improve with focus :slight_smile:

Keep up the good work!


Nice. It’ll be fun for you watching him progress as he gets older. Pretty sure when I was 13 all I was doing was pushups and curls haha, he’s a lucky kid.

Second Koing on keeping the back/ass down throughout the lift. I’m guessing he may be a taller kid? That was a major sticking point when I started. Although he’s on the right path starting at such a young age.

Also it seems he is tightening his shoulders and starting to shrug before he hits his explode position. Drill it into him to keep his shoulders and arms (but not hands) relaxed until he hits his explode. Otherwise he’ll have worse bar position during the catch along with a weakened velocity after the second pull.