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13 Years Old. 180 Centimetres. 79 Kilograms.


Hello everybody !

I am 13 years old, I'm from France and I've been lifting weights since I was 9 years old.
I'm a swimmer and a tennis player. I do cardio 6 times a week (swimming and tennis) for approximately 1h30 each time.

I am currently trying to bulk up. I want to gain weight like crazy. I eat like 6000 calories a day.

Here are my pictures: front, back and legs.
Please rate it because when I'll be older and bigger, I want to become like Ryan Reynolds or Sean Cassidy.












Last front.




Last legs.


That's actually not bad especially for 13, although i would have waited till i was at least 15 to start lifting...Don't get your hopes up for growing any taller.


Theres no research to back the theory that weightlifting stunts growth. In fact there are studies that show just the opposite. http://stronglifts.com/does-weight-lifting-stunt-growth/

Those are some of the many people who try to kill the myth that weightlifting stunts growth. Go search google or any other place and you'll find every somewhat intelligent man says the same thing. Weightlifting only stunts growth if there is an injury to bone or growth plate, which you have a higher chance of happening in any other sport.

Arnold, Shaq, and Michael Vick are a small amount of those that started lifting in their early teens and are now over 6 feet.

As long as youre warmed up, strech properly, and execute good form, and aren't trying to lift something completely out of ur range, u'll be fine.


I'm going to stop posting things that I don't research lol

EDIT : OR IS THERE http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1wezV76XuTU


I started as 13 and am now 14 so as a teen lifter i researched it because i knew it wasn't true but i need some facts to back me up when i told people they were completely wrong. The one thing i hate is when misinformed people try to tell me about stuff that ive researched and that they know nothing about. (Im not referring to u nate112, just the large amount of people im in contact with daily that think they know more than me on lifting.)


I start when i was 15 , i just turned 17, now squating 405 and your saying that all that weight won't effect my growth? The main concern with me with guys starting that young is when they heavy lift and go hard . IMO they can fuck up alot of things in your body seeing as how your still growing, especially at 13 and, and I know i'm in this category, but it's a litte late for that.


Lol that is so wrong I have been lifting for a year and a bit and I have grown about 5 inches since I started lifting, one of the oldest dumbest myths surrounding lifting weights. Anyways I think this might be a 6 or 8 as I think he would probably be in the higher tier of lifters who are 13, what are your lifts?


Yes i am telling you that wont affect your growth. Well if weightlifting can fuck up a lot of things in your body so can soccer and track and football and any other sport for that matter. When you run i believe, but am not completely sure, there is a force of about 6 times your body weight put on your spine. Lets say your 150 lbs. 6x150=900 lbs of force on your spine.

So really lifting heavy weights seems safer than running. Because 405lbs is nothing compared to 900lbs


I'll drop the growth myth, but still lifting so young just seems like it can screw up a lot of things for your body when your at that age, especially if you have no idea how to do proper form ( Can't blame me for this one when some 20 year olds dont have proper form), I would just say wait till 15 or 16. Then again if you dont want to be a cautious and jump on the iron bandwagon go ahead. Also, how old are you nik


Weightlifting is not like any of those sports.... /thread. I'm not arguing with a 14 year old anymore lol, You don't add as much muscle onto your body with those sports, you don't put your body under that much stress with those sports.


Your body's under the same amount of if not more stress with those sports when you run than when you squat or deadlift heavy weight. Why does it matter that im 14, I did my research and i know that weightlifting stunting growth is a myth that just wont fucking die.


Lol, no way in hell soccer is more stressful that weightlifting, that's like insulting weight lifting. football, at your age, isn't more stressful, yes your running and you get hit and all that, but go dead lift your max for 3x8 then add 50lbs to that and do it for 2 and see how you feel, and i should mention I've played football since i was a youngin.

Weightlifting hits your muscles directly, any of these sports may involve running and whatnot but if you weightlift usually you do cardio along with it so your running there, and i have no idea why i'm still arguing this i'm just surprised you think soccer and tennis are more stressful on your body then weight lifting..football can be but not till your in alot higher levels i suppose.

Also, your fact about jogging and 900lbs, its just BS, it's Completely different from actually squatting a shit ton of weight.

EDIT: also what are you stats to be arguing this anyways, do you have any muscle? Have you any experience in any of these sports? Or are you just a skinny dude/and or fat guy?