13 Weeks Until Competition

Hey guys new to the forums and wanting all the help I can get on my diet. My weight currently is about 198 at about 11% body maybe less.

Low Carb Days (7)
320-270-P F-50 C-25 from veggies and Almond Butter

Goal 1,800-1,600 calories a day
Will up meats to reach 1,800

Something like this
Meal 1
8 oz Rockfish Filet Cals(130) F-2g C-0 P-28g
5 oz Spinach
3 eggs 3 egg whites Cals(291) F-15 C-0 P-30
Meal 2
12 oz chicken breast Cals(390) F-2 C-0 P-81
Meal 3
8 oz Rockfish Filet Cals(130) F-2 C-0 P-28g
Meal 4-
2 tbs almond butter(180) F 16- C-6 P-7
4 oz chicken breast(130) F-1g C-0 P-27
Meal 5-
12 oz Rockfish Cals(195)- F-3 C-0 P-42
Meal 6-
8 oz Rockfish Cals (130) F-2 C-0 P-28
High Carb Day (1)
2,110 Calories
360-C P-100- Fat-30
Oatmeal, yams, broccoli, brown Rice, chicken breast and fish

Curious to thoughts am I coming off too strong I have been doing a similar diet for the past 6 weeks but followed by 2 cheat meals saturday and sunday.

I feel eliminating the large cheat meals and replacing them with re feed days every 7 days will have me at the bf% of the ranges 3-5 any advice or tips. This is my first competiiton I have lots of side cutting projects but none that have been judged.

Thank you all for your imput its greatly appreciated

I use a similar approach, with one HIGH day every 6 day rotation. I will say though that your cal intake look extremely low for optimal muscle preservation of 198 lbs and <11% bf


I’ll second Stu. Way too low. For comparison, I’m 4.5 weeks out and I still haven’t dropped under 2500cals (probably won’t), and my refeed (HIGH) day is still above 6000. You’ve got the right idea, but you need to boost your intake. Especially at 13 weeks out. You’ve still got plenty of time to grow into your show.

How are you used to eating? Be honest, do you really eat clean and do you eat on a proper schedule? You will find yourself very surprised with how much “clean” food you can eat and still lose weight.

yeah too be honest I eat extremely clean no oils, use a food scale ask work for a break so I can eat my meals. My cheat days not so much that has been whats holding me back I feel like. Having a everybodys size coldstone bcake remix in 20 min is not the way to go haha.But I I will definetly up the calories. Should i be dropping a 100 cals each week or do I just sit at a estimated lean body mass calorie intake and have the same calories for 13 weeks? Thank you again for the responses.