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13 Weeks BBB - Warm Up


Hi to all,

I really like 5/3/1 programming, it keeps me motivated and I enjoy having my training plan laid out and knowing what i will do every training. In terms of my lifting numbers I am beginner, but I already did 5/3/1 for few cycles and I really want to keep it as my primary training program for mass and strength ( 193cm, 78kgs).

Two weeks ago I started 13 Weeks BBB Challenge from the book. I don't have any questions about first 7 weeks, but in the last 6 weeks on the BBB sets there are schemes that i didn't previously use (5x5 @ 80%, 5x3 @90%, 5x1 @ TM) and my main question is how to organize warm up for these lifts because on the BBB sets I do opposite lift (on Squat day I do DL for BBB, on Bench day I do Press, and so on)?

Thanks in advance!

P.S. English is not my native language, so I'm sorry for any mistakes I made.


I assume you mean the 13 week BBB challenge in the Beyond book? If so, I would warm up using "The Warm Up" in the Beyond Book. You should already be warmed up from the work sets, but to get your joints moving in the BBB exercise, work backward in 10% increments from the BBB set.

So if you're on the 5x5 @80% week for say the squat, and you do deadlifts for your BBB sets, your warm up and workout would look like this:

Week 8
Squat TM = 400, Deadlift TM = 430

Main work: Squat
Warm up
Bar x10
135 x5
work sets

Here you can do more or less since you are already warmed up by the squats, but this is for illustration purposes of the warm up from the Beyond book; to grove the exercise, you can probably do less warm up sets or reps.

BBB Sets: Dead lift
Warm up
300 x3

BBB work sets
345 5x5


Thank you very much for reply. Very useful and precise.


I think there is no need to open new topic, so I will ask my questions here.

Tomorrow I'm starting 11th week of 13 Weeks BBB Challenge and I will post my full impressions and results at the end, but I already can say that I am pretty satisfied with everything this template "gave" to me.

And now I'm thinking what to do next. I really like these performance based programs, and keep getting stronger is a great thing to experience. So I want to keep that strength/performance aspect in my training, but also some direct hypertrophy work wouldn't hurt ( I know, i want everything at once. :smiley: ). Lately, I have been reading about Juggernaut method which is mostly based on 5/3/1 principles and combining it with WS4SB assistance work looks pretty nice to me. I was thinking that I could benefit from this higher rep range on main lifts, especially now after being at low rep range for some time.

What are you thinking about this guys, and if not Juggernaut, what would you recommend to me?


Juggernaut is a good program (it's not more volume that BBB) but if 5/3/1 is working for you, why not stick with it? There are lots of templates which focus on volume such as building the monolith, volume tap, etc


Good point. Probably humans nature to try new things. :blush:

Building the monolith looks nice, also 5/3/1 for Hardgainers could suit my goals. Anyway I have three more weeks to decide. Any recommendations and tips are welcome.


Today, I finished my 13 Weeks BBB Challenge. First of all, this is the first time I sticked to any program for so long. I didn't miss a single workout, and I'm very satisfied with my consistency and dedication. In fact, I hope I can transfer this persistence to some other aspects of life, especially college life.

For those who are not familiar with 13 Weeks BBB Challenge template, this is how it looks:

And this is how I organized my workouts:

Military Press 5/3/1
Bench Press BBB
Chin Ups 5x10
Biceps 3x10
Triceps 3x10

Deadlift 5/3/1
Squat BBB
Abs 5x10

Bench Press 5/3/1
Military Press BBB
Rows (dumbbell or barbell) 5x10
Biceps 3x10
Triceps 3x10

Squat 5/3/1
Deadlift BBB
Abs 5x10

On lower body as a warm up i have been performing long or vertical jumps (10-15 reps) and Agile 8 (i have been doing Agile 8 at least once on most days), on upper body days warm up consisted of some throws or pylo push-ups (10-15 reps) and some standard stretching and joints preparing. On most days I superseted these explosive movements (jumps and throws) with pull ups (mostly 5x5). Also, on upper body days in between warm up sets on main lift I have been doing some light lateral raises, as it helps me to prepare my shoulders and feel more stable. Rows and chin ups were mostly superseted with BBB sets, as well as biceps and triceps exercises (which were some curls and dips/extensions). After my lower body days I have been doing some kind of conditioning (sprints, farmer walks, tire drags in last few weeks). I really didn't plan my conditioning work, and sometimes i totally skipped it, but at least once a week there was something which took out my breath. When it is about my diet, I tried to eat BIG, i probably could done better job on that field but I think I made a lot improvements in my eating habits, and I will continue that way.

And know lets talk about my results. As it had been stated more than a few times on this forum, I won't use 1RM formula to express my progression, because it is not its purpose and it is probably cannot be accurate on 10+ reps. So I will provide my first week and my last week of the program PR sets.

Exercise - First Week PR Set - Last Week PR Set + How Much More Weight
Military Press: 9 reps -> 11 reps +22lbs
Bench Press: 9 reps -> 11 reps +27lbs
Squat: 9 reps -> 10 reps +45lbs
Deadlift: 9 reps -> 12 reps +50lbs

Also, I don't look at scale often but this is the first time I weight 176lbs.

To simplify and express my personal impressions, I never felt stronger and never looked more muscular than today, after finishing this program. I know my lifts are still totally beginner level, as well as my gains, but I'm very very satisfied with what I managed to accomplish and I will continue to improve myself. I really enjoying 5/3/1 and it principles.

At the end, I'm sorry for so long post, but I felt need to write something and on some way thank to all on this forum (especially this subforum) and personally to Jim Wendler, because this place has big influence on my training and I hope it is going to have for a long time, this is only the start. :slight_smile:

Now, I'm going to take deload week, I really need to rest mentally and physically from chasing PRs, and then I'm starting 5/3/1 For Hardgainers and probably coming here with some questions. :smiley:



Yesterday I finished my deload week, so from tomorrow I'm starting 5/3/1 For Hardgainers. This is how I planned it:


Squat 5/3/1
Push Ups
Pull Ups


Bench Press 5/3/1
DB Military Press
Barbell/DB Rows

Conditioning (tire sled drags, sprinting, etc.)


Deadlift 5/3/1
Chin Ups
Abs/Single Leg Work


Press 5/3/1
DB Incline Press

Conditioning (tire sled drags, sprinting, etc.)

On assistance work I will start with 50 reps on most exercises. My only concern is with what TM to start. With TM from my last BBB Challenge cycle or with lower/higher (5lbs/10lbs)?


I am doing this one, I would go back 3 cycles on the tm and as for the accessory work I rotate thru all except kettle bells cause I don't have any, have fun I really like this program


That looks good to me...except consider replacing the curls on Saturday with a vertical pull (pull up/lat pull) to balance out the press.

Also, use the same TM. You don't need to reset until you fail to hit 5/3/1 respectively on the 1st/2nd/3rd week during the PR set.


Thank you for your answers. I will switch curls with chin ups, and I will start with a little lower TM than my last cycle (85% of last cycle 1RM).


So I have about a month left in this same workout …(BBB). Where should I go next ? I really love this workout, it kicks my ass and I have time to get it in before work. Just wanted to see where you guys have went with your workouts after this for three months ?


I like to use BBB when I reset back into a normal 5/3/1 routine. After BBB I like to back off a bit on the volume, maybe use FSL, and or Joker sets + FSL. I might do 5/3/1 + some Jokers + some FSL, and vary that based on how I’m feeling. Maybe 3 sets of Joker, 1 set of FSL. Or 2 sets of Joker, 2 or 3 sets of FSL. Maybe Rest Pause, maybe not. Just play around with it.

But you’re adjusted to the demands of BBB, so capitalize on that.