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13-Ethyl-3-Methoxy-Gona-2, 5(10)-Diene-17-One

Anyone have any comments on 13-Ethyl-3-Methoxy-Gona-2, 5(10)-Diene-17-One? I’ve seen it in several bulking pro-steroids. It is a progestin that’s related to RU486 “the abortion pill.” Does anyone know about HPTA inhibition effects or androgenicity?

Never touched the stuff (MaxLMG etc…)

It’s a progestin, which in the case of designers / PHs all too often means a high likelihood of gyno. If you want to risk using it for its bulking potential, you should have some caber on hand and run 200-300 mg vit B6 from day one. I gather many people are using vitex as well, but I think getting the right dose is easier said than done… so do your research.

Oh yeah, and for sure it’ll suppress you.