12wk Test E, 6wk Winny Cycle. Hair Thinning, Mild Cystic Acne

This is my second time doing Test. The first time I did it for 10 weeks with the first 6 weeks of the cycle introducing Dianabol. I did experience some hair shedding but when I came off the cycle it pretty much grew back in. I did my current second cycle and went the full 12 weeks with Test Enanthate twice a week doing 1cc alternating buttocks. Then the last 6 weeks I finished off with Winny 50mg a day. Through the entire cycle I took anti-aromatose inhibitors along with clomodix.

Right before I came to the end of the cycle before my PCT I began getting little bumps on my chest and neck and then some on my face. This didn’t happen the first time and I am curious if I it was the Winny or maybe I did the cycle too long. The acne wasn’t anything super bad but I NEVER get acne and my hair did shed like the previous time but I was smarter and used Avodart (dudusteride) .5mg a day. Just cuirious if anyone has any suggestions on what may be the issue or how to get around not experiencing acne and hair loss when your taking such measures to avoid the bad side effects.