12wk Summer Blast. Adjust Hcg, Arimidex?

TRT dose is 90mg/wk arimidex .25 eod and hCg 250 eod
Been doing this for 3 yrs and labs are all solid (tests every 3 months)

*Tried HGH @ 1 iu/wk recently for 3 months and it was a total waste of $ (you need 2-3 iu at least IMO) Of course I wasn’t low to begin with…

Going to do a blast for 12 weeks - 500mg/wk test enanthate (running it solo no other stuff)
How much should I adjust the arimidex and hCG?

Did a similar blast last summer and felt awesome! Then just went right back on my TRT

Will Nolvadex have any place in my post cycle therapy?

You’re broaching a topic that some will consider taboo here and better suited for the “off topic - steroids” forum. It does raise a good point and one that hasn’t gotten a lot of discussion here to my knowledge. What are the negative aspects of running a test-only cycle when one’s HPTA is already suppressed from TRT?

The most crucial aspect of a cycle is one’s ability to get their Hypothalamic Pituitary Testicular Axis (HPTA) back in gear with PCT after running a cycle. Exogenous testosterone suppresses the body’s ability to produce testosterone via negative feedback loop. The body senses you have enough T, and therefore stops making more. The testes shut down and begin to atrophy. We prevent this atrophy while using exogenous testosterone by supplementing with hCG, which makes the PCT easier.

The Nolvadex in this situation would be pointless unless I’m missing something (never ran gear, just read a lot on various forums). You are asking if using a SERM would be necessary for a PCT, but you go straight back to TRT, and your HPTA will remain suppressed indefinitely.

As for the adjustment of hCG and adex read this:

Agreed it’s somewhat a “grey” area for this forum BUT speaking from personal experience and being a young/fit 47 yr old, a 10-12 week blast once a year does wonders for you. My labs after the blast were right back in line where they were before the blast.

I won’t say it’s for everyone but I know a lot of guys doing this…most are doing HGH as well and look and feel awesome!

Based on the link you sent me, the arimidex dose is the same as what I take now. I figure the hCG will be the same as well.

Thx for the reply!

Lots of guys blast and cruise, most of them just don’t talk about it.

For your HGH, you’re going to want to run 3-4iu/day to see anything. Do a 5-on 2-off protocol (meaning 5 days on, then off 2 days). It will take a few months to really notice a whole lot, likely 3-6 months. Just doing 1iu/wk was, like you said, a waste. If your joints start to hurt, back the dose down to 2-3iu/day. If you want to maximize it or don’t want to run it that long, start if towards the end of your blast and continue on past it. It will help you keep your gains from the blast, as well as get you pretty lean.

You’re already shut down from from years of TRT, no need for PCT any longer. It may be of some benefit to “taper” down to normal dose at the end of the blast. Adjust AI dose based on sides, keep HCG the same.

Thanks catfish! The HGH is going to have to wait but good advice on the blast…

Hey Senior Citizen,

Were you lifting when you did your blast last summer? What if any benefits did you see in the weight room…bed room…or any other room…

Have you been lifting for the last 3 years? I’m just interested in what is working for other TNation members, especially my fellow senior citizens. 2Bstronger has a thread just for that but he just started it and it hasn’t seen much action yet.

Good luck on your journey and keep us posted…

Senior Citizen,

Why would you stop HCG? I would guess staying on would only make the PCT less of an issue as your nuts would still be working. Also how much of the gains did you keep after the blast? Is the blast just to look good for the summer and then it all goes away or are you still ahead in the long run? - Thanks

I’m only 47 and I’ve been lifting for a loooong time. I did the blast to work through some plateaus and ya to look good for summer and renergize the workouts. Kept quite a bit of the gains and no I didn’t stop hCG…stopped the HGH after 3 months

Senior Citizen,

It feels weird calling you senior citizen…makes me feel like an antique. Since you have been lifting so long I would be interested in what your workout consists of…how often do you change it up…how do you work through some of those plateaus…etc…

I was a kickboxing national champion back in the 90’s and all of my lifting and training were focused on that. I am relatively new to body building and would appreciate any advice from another senior citizen.

I would love for 2Bstronger to chime in also and share his routine and what has worked for him in the past and if he’s doing anything different now that he is “geriatric” lol.

BTW, I found my new favorite bumper sticker: “don’t mess with an old man who can’t fight anymore…he’ll kill you”

EZ rider how old are you? I think the older we get (and based on what we want to achieve) we need to change up our workouts. Things like previous injuries factor into it as well. At our age we all seem to be training around injuries and recovery time is always longer as you know…ya it sux to get old…at least we are all doing what we can to fight it :slight_smile: remember that what works for one person doesn’t always work for others. I’ll post what I do in my next post when I have more time.

Thanks, I will look forward to your next post. I am 57 and I do have a shoulder strain right now but it is not keeping me from working out. I feel great and stronger than I have in years. I am very motivated by my dad who is 81 and still pole vaults, high jumps, and competes in several other events in the Senior Olympics. He qualified for the nationals again this year. I’m just hoping I’ve got plenty of his genes…