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12th Annual Central USA Strongman Challenge

For anyone that is in the area this should be a good competition to watch. There is also a giant rib festival the same day. I will have a bud in one hand and meat in the other before I even get my straps off !

12TH Central USA Strongman Challenge PRO/AM

The show will be filmed for TV( airing in Indiana) and will be held in conjunction with the Kokomo Ribfest where last year in a 8 hour period they had 40,000 spectators.

Main Street…Downtown Kokomo Indiana

3040 S. Lafountain Kokomo Indiana 46902 765.860.2524

EVENTS____________These are tentative and subject to change:

Log clean and press/75sec…250lw/280hw

Carry and drag 75sec 80ft/80ft…250lb keg/346lb tire

Tire Flip 75sec/80ft/700 lw 800 hw

Farmers Walk 75sec/160ft(1 turn) 255lw/305hw

Car dead/75sec…car depends on sponsor( plan Escort sized car)

Super medley- yoke/duck walk/keg load…700/800…440/550…3kegs/50inch platform

That sounds inticing. Do you know of any Strongman events coming close to Texas or the south?


Give us a report when you get back, and if you can, post some pics.

We’ll want to know if the ribs were any good, and getting a look at them would be a plus.

And while you’re at it, a few words about that strong-man competition and a photo or two showing your exploits wouldn’t offend anyone here either!

Good luck!