125mg Test E, 25mg Test P, 100mg Primo. Is This Okay?

My goal is not to become a professional bodybuilder, rather, pack on some mass. I’m merely trying to pack on mass to finally be big after years of unsuccessful dieting and exercising which was coincidentally due to female testosterone levels (eat more, get fatter than I should and see very minimal strength gains; eat less, stay fat and lose strength).

Unfortunately with my TRT plan, I can only inject once a week.

In the planned 3ml injection:
125 mg testosterone enanthate
25 mg testosterone propionate
100 mg metenolone enanthate (Primobolan Depot)

I will also run 25-50 mg methyltestosterone ED (don’t confuse this with M1T) for up to six weeks along my shot.

I’m under a doctor’s supervision and running all labs. I will cease if necessary or if my body tells me it’s time, but, everything is in the perfect range now.

I will continue my daily dose of Nolvadex as well. Though, it’s unknown whether 0.5 mg E3D of adex will suffice with the additional aromatization added by the test-p and methyltestosterone. With my current 125mg test-e regimen, my E2 sits a near-perfect at 28 (shooting for 22, but, I feel great right here). When it was in the high 70s due to no adex, I had too many problems on TRT that made me want to give up.

Anyway, tl;dr, rate my “stack”: one weekly shot of 125 mg test-e, 25 mg test-p, and 100 mg primo; 25-50 mg methyltestosterone for up to, but no longer, than six weeks; 20 mg Nolvadex ED; and continue 0.5 mg adex E3D unless I start to bloat from the methyltestosterone aromatization where I may try 0.25 mg EOD. Also, I have my support supplements for during and after (omega, tudca, taurine, etc.).

PCT is not necessary as I’m on TRT for life (except the obvious, support supplements for my liver and cholesterol).

With that being mentioned, is this a weak “cycle”? Keep in mind, my test levels - since 24 (and most likely have dropped continuously since puberty) - have been sub-300; they’re now 550-800 with just 125mg test-e and I’m just trying to kickstart some additional gains.

The only other cycle I have under my belt is halodrol, which did add strength I’ve never had before and have been able to maintain since with TRT. This did mess my cholesterol up bad, but, the omegas surely helped after 3 weeks of discontinuation.

Drop methyltestosterone and try to get my hands on Anadrol or another oral (though I know it’s wet, I’d prefer a dry oral - but there’sa language barrier here)? All of these orals are completely legal; it’s the legalities behind syringes and my schedule to see the doctor more than once weekly that limit me from running high test-e over multiple admissions – unless of course, a shot of 500 mg test-e is ok (I know, it’s not).

My ultimate goal is strength and leanness, but, I’d like to drop 10 pounds of body fat (primo may help with that, but unsure at that small of a dose) and add 10+ of lean mass if reasonable (so, I plan on eating just at maintenance, as I still lost fat on halo without going too far into a deficit).

How much mass do you think I could put on over 3 months of this (dropping the methyltestosterone after the sixth week of course)? Is this a waste? Will I continue to grow with just the test-e/p when the “cycle” is over, or maintain what I earned?

Feel free to add advice, ask questions, or even flame on.


Not trying to insult you, but 25mg test prop and 100mg primo once a week will be basically worthless. At best, you will see a brief rise in hormone levels the day of/day after the injection, then it will drop to nothing. I would be surprised if you even notice any difference from your normal TRT injections. If you are trying to go higher than your normal TRT injections and gain some muscle, try increasing just the test e. 400-500mg/week test e is considered a good, basic first-timer’s cycle, and lots of dudes have made some great progress from that. 25mg test prop would be a decent (if a little on the low side) dose if you were injecting it daily. Same with the primo, even a small amount of research will show you guys don’t really see anything noticeable from primo till they are above the 500mg/week mark. I did a 12 week cycle of 250mg test e and 700mg primo, and was very happy with my results (but it was stupid expensive).

Also, you should check out the TRT forum and read through the stickies. You will see much better results from your TRT if you change from a once weekly injection to every third day or even twice a week. Same goes for a cycle - once weekly just doesn’t work as well as more frequent injections, even with the longer estered stuff.

The only problem is that syringes are a controlled item here. They’re illegal to posses, on the same level as cocaine would be in America.

The only way to get up to 500mg test-e pharm grade would to go about 20 miles in horrific traffic during working hours to wait 1 more hour for a shot… 3 times a week for a good cycle. I wish I could…

With the addition of 25-50 mg methlytestosterone (not M1T) and 1the combo of the new shot… could I expect at least 10 pounds of mass and better strength gains?

I kept around 7 lbs from halodrol alone (no test base, added TRTafter cycle though)…

I have no experience with methyltest, but what I am reading says it is quite a bit more estrogenic than dbol (and probably anadrol). If you can get anadrol instead, I would go that route. Either way, I would definitely add an AI to control the estrogen you will be converting.

As for the additions to the injection, I think the prop and primo would be useless. If you absolutely cannot do multiple injections per week, I would say the next best thing would be a larger injection of test e rather than the addition of the other two. You’ll still have the peaks and valleys, but the higher test e would have more effect than a small injection of test prop once a week. The prop would be almost completely gone by the time you got another injection. And from what I have read, this (peaks and valleys, especially big ones) is what seems to make side effects worse.

Can you get test deconate?


No test-d or test-u in Japan. It’s said that we’re about 10 years behind the US when it comes to medicine as medicine again needs to go through trials here before approval.

That’s why, under my TRT plan, I am able to get methlytestosterone. I don’t think any US doctor would prescribe that, or give it as a long term option. That’s the only oral I could get my hands on though (asked about Anavar, etc., but, nothing). The doctor did, however, show me websites where I could order the stuff as AAS is not illegal here as people think it’s just weird to grow muscles I suppose (only syringes are illegal).