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125KG Deadlift Form Check


Hi respected members,

This is my second attempt to deadlift 125KG, need to check form. I wasn’t feel well during the attempt because of dieting, but anyway I did it. I think that my hips are high and ascending early.


Current weight is 73kg

All of your comments are most appreciated as I really need to enhance my deadlift.



You need to bring your hips a lot lower than that. Your back was basically horizontal in the beginning of the lift. Here’s a good technique video with cues you can start following and going through.


You are starting with your hips much too high. Where are your feet in regards to the bar? It looks like you are only using your low back and not using your legs/glutes at all. Do you have any videos from the front?


@Cisneros0 thanks very much for the comment. Bar is directly over mid foot and only 1" between bar and shins. Currently I don’t have video from front, I will take another two videos at same time from two angles for better presentation. Also I will try to lower my hips more which I feel too hard to go lower, I feel very tight when I try to go lower, but I have to train myself more and more.

Do you think I could keep straight back during the lift? or there is still some rounding?


@Furius Thanks bro for the advice and great video, I will study it and give it another try.


One question though, are the bigger plates you are using full sized olympic plates? I’m not sure but they look a bit smaller which (if they are smaller) could contribute A LOT to your high hip position.


@Furius the bigger plates (20kg) are full sized Olympic plates, the smaller ones (15kg) are also Olympic but not full sized from another manufacturer rather than the bar. I got Full sized Olympic bar with set of weights (20KG for the bar and 120kg additional weights), and before I had weights from another manufacturer; I’m not sure if they are up to Olympic standards or not:

2 x 15kg plates
2 x 10kg plates
2 x 10kg plates (Eleiko)

BTW, before I bought the Olympic bar; I used to use standard bar, the diameter of weights are very small, so I got pair of car jacks stands and used them as racks to decrease the pull height. They appear in the video at the corner (red/black jack stands)


Alright good. Just make sure you always pull from the correct height even while warming up. You should also film another form check video on this thread after you have checked the videos and practiced your form so it’s possible to see if there’s anything else to fix than the hip height.


It isn’t too bad, but your hips are too high and you aren’t getting any leg drive. At the moment, I’ve reduced the number of cues for my DL to four:

  1. Get your shoulders behind the bar and keep them there.

  2. Bend the bar around your shins.

  3. Pull the bar back into yourself, not up. I imagine pulling the bar on a 45 degree angle (obviously not what happens but it works for me).

  4. Scrape the bar up your legs like you’re trying to take the skin off (so wear long socks, or better still knee sleeves over your shins).

You’ll notice that this pretty much negates the need to worry where the bar sits relative to your feet. Makes setting up easier.

Finally, try to avoid spending time after you grip the bar. Take your air, set your grip, shoulders behind the bar, bend it, pull and scrape along your legs. Simple.

On a different note, I seem to remember that you deadlift every day you train. I also think for a weight you had to attempt a second time it came up fast and smoothly. Anyway, at 73 kg I think you’ve got 150 kg (and then more) in you but if, and only if, you train your deadlift slightly less enthusiastically. Train it a couple of times a week at most, ideally keep it to your 531 as written. If you really must do some deadlift-y thing, do high pulls and cleans or something. You’ll have to use much lighter loads, which will help, and I seriously doubt they’ll hurt your DL. They’re also pretty fun. Just my opinion, but I suspect it may work better for you.


@MarkKO I was waiting for your reply sir!!! Thanks so much for the great advices.

The cues are very clear and easy to be remembered. I will test myself today with a new video and be back to you.

Regarding to deadlifting daily, I was discussing deadlift on daily basis (not only on workout days), first thing in the morning before I leave to my job. I’m still doing it; couple of sets 0f 5 reps at 60kgs only.

I don’t know how to do power cleans . As you may noticed I train at home without access to gym. Also currently I work in Saudi Arabia; and no good trainers are available here and even if found I don’t have time to attend a gym due to nature of my job, so I mainly depend on T-Nation as my info source.

Generally speaking, I will do my best to improve DL setup as per your cues and advices. I’m willing to hear from you anytime and your comments are more than appreciated. Also if you don’t mind; can I have direct communication way with you (email of facebook account).




My pleasure.

That will really add up. If your current max is 125 kg, and you’re pulling 60 kg for sets of five daily that’s still an appreciable load. It might not feel that way but it will accumulate and I wouldn’t be surprised if it was adversely impacting your recovery capacity. It’d be equivalent to me pulling around 125 kg for fives daily. I would expect that to knock me around after a while.

This should help with the power cleans

They’re not too hard to learn and I expect they’d be less taxing than deadlifts. Even something like jumps (broad jumps, for instance) would be good. Or sprints. Anything that would fire you up but take you away from deadlifting for a bit. If you can get your hands on a kettlebell swings would also be a good idea.

My email and facebook I keep fairly private, but why don’t you subscribe to my YouTube channel? I put up a bunch of training videos and you could post any questions there. I get automatic notifications for comments.

This link is fairly topical, and you can subscribe on it if you want.



Thanks very much for your interest and help sir, I’ve already subscribed to your channel. And regarding to daily DL, I give it a test for a complete month and testing my recovery and progress. At certain point (as weight goes up) I totally agree with your that it will impact the progress/recovery but I think I’m still very far from that point.

The powerclean tutorial is clear, I will give it a try with empty bar until I master the movement. I can do front squat using clean grip with perfect form so the grip itself is not an issue, I think it is only the movement harmony that needs to be practiced very well.

Again I thank you very much for your support. BTW you physique is very good, and I’ve followed you previous advise regarding to nutrition and training (switched to carb cycling and doing 5/3/1) and it works very well.



Mate, I’m glad it helped but I can’t take credit for either of those. I was just passing on information that had helped me in the hope it’d do the same foe you.

My physique could be much better except I’m more concerned with recovery and strength right now. The most that can be said of it is that it’s better than it was and it’s slowly improving. If you want to see an example of a powerlifter with good physique (and who’s a bunch stronger than I am too) check out Reed’s training log.


@Furius, @Cisneros0

Gentlemen, I’ve uploaded new video after working on the form as per your tips and advices. Kindly feed me back. I deadlifted 115KG instead of 125KG in order to focus more on the form while filming the video. The video is filmed using 2 cameras and edited to run both on same time (I’m not that video editing geek!!!)

Sir, I’ve followed your cues exactly as described, even my shins are screaming today LOL. What do you think?

115KG Deadlift form check 2


I think you should measure your plates to be sure. The usual diameter of a full-size Olympic weight plate is 45cm or 17,7". Where the bar stands while using those plates is the height you should always deadlift from. To me it looks like you are using smaller plates which makes the lift pretty awkward.


@Furius I measured it yesterday and it was 7cm less in diameter, I think I should use the jack or plates to increase the height from the ground. Will do today and post another one if you don’t mind.


Use what ever you can to raise the bar. 7cm doesn’t sound a lot but it makes a ton of difference if you learn to deadlift that way.


It looks better. Your hips still shoot up a bit but that can be fixed by a) getting more familiar with the new setup and b) making your hamstrings stronger. You can do that with Romanian deadlifts if you haven’t got access to a glute ham raise.


@MarkKO, Thanks for the reply sir. I don’t have access to GHM chair, so I invest in RDL. Check this out please, it is a DL rise then completed 10 reps of RDL using 65KG load. I think form is better here.

65KG DL with RDL


I can’t see the video, but I’d say the reps and load would work. Something like three to five sets of 10 or more after your squat or DL would probably help.