120kg Weight Class

So - in the UK the 120kg weight class is becoming a thing.
Personally I think its a brave move. And a good one. Not for the reasons stated. This will not stop guys from cutting weight. The guys that were 120kg cutting to 105kg will be replaced by guys that are 135kg cutting to 120kg.
BUT it will allow guys that want to compete and remain able to live a fairly normal life. Trying to work as a sales assistant the local mobile phone shop and be a 150kg strong man is not possible. Getting to 120/125kg and still being fairly normal is fine. I weigh in at 115/118 and I face almost no adverse side effects.

Interview with the promoter and Uncle Loz for reference


I think it could be interesting for the guys how are not super tall. The guys that are 5’10"-6’2" could really fill that out with a lot of gear.

I bet Rob Kerney would do really well in that class with a bit of a cut.

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100% agree. I’m 6ft and I can not be a successful open weight. It’s just not in me. BUT at 120kg I could be very successful. If I want to take on all that is needed.

And again there a raft of great guys in that range that could be world champs but their frame is too big for 105, but too small for open weight.

What do you think about weight class frequency? I like 4 classes. Under 90, under 105, under 120 and open. I feel each has its use. And there are enough with out going OTT

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That would be pretty good IMO. Although, one has to be pretty damn jacked if they are short to be 90 kg, especially if they want to be natty.

I am about 90 kg, and fairly lean at 5’10", but if I was even 5’7" it would be really hard to be 90 kg, lean and natty. I think for strongman, like powerlifting, that for the lower weight classes, being jacked is important to ones success. If you can weigh whatever, then it is better to have some extra fat weight.

IDK, it is going to be pretty tough to have something that works for everyone.

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Probably a good idea as the sport grows in the UK, anymore classes though will be bit overkill at this point

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I like the idea of the 120k class. I think I would fit really well in that class. I am 6’1" with a pretty wide frame, getting to 105 has been a constant battle for me. I feel like I am always hungry and always a little drained from too low of cals. I would have absolutely zero problem filling out the 120k class plus some.

Now there is a 265 (120kg) sub class for HW in the US, but then you’re also competing against guys that are 400+ lbs with the same weights. I mean, at a big competition, there could be 200 lbs between the lightest HW man and the heaviest HW man. (If I remember correctly, the biggest guy at SC nationals last year was about 460 lbs.

I might get into the 120kg thing. I “could” easily diet down to under 105kg if I tried. But I have a real struggle in my head of “lose weight get weaker”. I like the idea of under 120kg. No compromise.

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