120 Too Low ? TRT Not For Me?

How’s it going guys?
I am reaching out to the group because I have been struggling lately. I have been on trt for 2.5 months and am feeling worse than when I started. I am 40 y/o and have been dealing with low motivation, brain fog, low libido, depression, low energy etc. After my first treatment I felt amazing for the first week, but since then I feel like my body is starting to crash. Might have been due to my body still producing test at the time and has since slowed down.
I am very hopeful and do not want to give up on treatment and bettering myself. I exercise 3-4x a week and eat lean meat (chicken bison fish) and plenty of veggies, but have managed to gain 11 pounds and a bloated face and stomach.
I know trt is a journey and everyone’s body reacts differently. Is 120 Test C 1x a week too low ? Is there light at the end of the tunnel ?
Thanks for all the support!

120 Test C 1X a week IM injection
250 iu hcg 2X a week subq injection
25 ai 1X a week oral

Before trt
Total Test: 377
Estradiol: 24.1

After trt ( 120 X1 week Test C )
Total Test: 677
Estradiol: 39.1

I think its simple, you need more test. Some guys feel better at higher levels. Personally I need over 800 to feel good. I would ask your doc to increase your dose until you feel better. Also, the doc needs to look at free available test and shbg too. Its possible that you have low free test while showing 677 totals.


It is. I’d drop the AI as well as increase test dose.


hCG can ruin the effects of TRT because some men can’t tolerate it. The AI can drop estrogen low if you’re not careful and this can cause bad side effects.

The weight gain is most likely from the fluid retention which is a side effect of hCG. More than likely the AI and hCG are causing your problems.

It would’ve been best if you had started TRT and isolation.

Also no context regarding when labs are drawn in relation to your injections, testing at midpoint versus trough will give you a different result.

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These are normal values.

You might not even need an AI.

Is all your medicine doctor prescribed?

I don’t see how more T can fix your problems. Did you discuss them with your doctor if you’re seeing one?

Others in the thread: why do you think he needs more?

Not enough info to say either way. FT or SHBG would be beneficial in deterring if it would “possibly” be beneficial. Would need to know testing day in relation to injection as well.


*1st lab 12/01/22
Total Test: 377
Estradiol: 24.1

*2nd lab 1/10/23
Total test: 667
Estradiol: 39.1
LH 0.3
FSH: 0.6

Second labs were taken 7 days after 120 Test C injection

Yes I read that already. You’re missing the labs I am asking for. I also need to know how many days after your injection that you had your labs drawn. If your TT is at trough day then that’s step one on the need to know. Step two is trying to figure out if you have low FT becuase you can have low FT with adequate TT.

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Labs were drawn 7 days after injection.
I do not see FT or SHBG, I will ask for another copy of my labs.

Thanks for all the feedback, I appreciate it

Sorry I see now that you tested 7 days after. So that’s a true trough number. Meaning that your TT for the better part of the week is even much higher. Unless you have sky high, like really high, SHBG you likely have adequate FT. Still we don’t know for sure…

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I feel like the HCG and AI are unnecessary. You added 3 compounds at the same time and it could any if the 3 variables that cause you to feel shitty.

Can you do injections twice a week and drop the AI? Are you trying to have kids? If not…I’d drop the HCG too.


Thanks for the reply!
Yes the reason for the hcg is because we are trying to conceive.
2 injections a week is exactly what I am going to ask my doctor. The clinic I am using is moving so I am trying to find a reputable online clinic, I am open to recommendations if anyone has one.

He should be feeling better by now, 120mg is too low.

Defy Medical, they have real doctors and two of them (Dr. Saya, Dr. Calkin’s) can run circles around a lot of medical doctors.

Your lack of response to TRT can be a number of things, like inappropriate injection frequency. A classic sign is response at first is vigorous at the start of treatment and then waning response after a time even though levels are elevated.

The TRT section of the forum is broken, unable to reply to any threads.

Has anyone used trt nation?

I’m having lab work done tomorrow, I will post results when I receive them

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I went to the clinic Friday 2/24 for blood draw and weekly treatment. Called Monday and they wouldn’t give my results over the phone or email, they are over an hour away so I waited till my weekly Friday treatment. Last week was terrible I barely got through the week with the motivation of receiving my lab results to find out they can’t find them on LabCorp. How does that happen? The fridge is next to the draw station!
So they drew blood again yesterday 3/3 and now I have to wait another week. My mental health has declined tremendously and my body feels beat up and drained.

That’s a bummer. Hang in there. Have you thought about switching clinics or discussing a higher dose with your provider?

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Thanks bro, I appreciate it.
We planned on raising the dose if my blood-work looks good,I just found out the clinical director left and the clinic is moving so I am looking for a reputable online clinic.

Defy was previously recommended and they do telemedicine. Definitely one to consider. I see Dr Caulkins there and he’s pretty good. There pricing structure is definitely fair too.

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