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120 LBS Dumbbell Bench Press Check (Vid)


Right now on the BBI max at 275-280 for 1rep and the last time I did DB bench in more than 6months I could rep with the 120. Unfortunately I don't own any DB so I focus on BB.


Pretty much the same as what I do... I do 120x8 with DBs, and only 280x3-4 with a BB.


I think when people do this they are trying to track the bar with their eyes.


I think when people are stronger on the DB bench than the BB bench it is for technical reasons because when I look at any strong bencher they are always better at BB bench.





Pulling your hands apart on a barbell helps with the lift and makes it easier. Do that on DB and you'll drop them. I have met very few people who are stronger at DB bench than Barbell


You mean grip width? If so then I agree, I prefer a more narrow grip with DBs.


Yeah that and just general tightness and less freedom of movement for the bar. I've tried the pulling the bar apart thing and it just didn't stick. I probably wasn't doing it right.


Also with DBs you will usually bring them a little lower like a cambered bar.


Yeah, I make sure to always use full ROM.


Yeah, I also have trouble bringing my shoulder blades back and arching my back on DB bench, but so far it hasnt prevented me from reaching heavy weights.


Just got up to 140x3 DB bench yesterday (this vid is a few months old), yet I can't put up more than 300 on BB... based on my DB strength I should be closer to 350


What are your goals exactly? If you want a bigger bench then focus on BB bench. I bench 340 and don't what I DB bench, but I know that if I wanted to increase it I would put increased emphasis on DB bench. That's what I did for incline.


It would also serve you better to post in the PL section if that's what your goal is.