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120 LBS Dumbbell Bench Press Check (Vid)


Hey guys, this is a form check video of me benching 120 lbs dumbbells (each hand). I posted this here so that you guys could evaluate my ROM and form and tell me if it's good or not.


Your insight is greatly appreciated

EDIT: yeah, form suffered on the last rep.


I have the exact same dumbells and bench. Love them. Looks pretty dam good range of motion for that heavy of DBs. I have seen some people lift their head off like that. i don't. I don't know if that can cause injuries so won't comment on that.


Haha thanks man,yeah I love the Ironmaster DBs and bench, they work great.Hope you have great workouts with yours!


Didn't you post this video on WBB and caught a lot of shit for it because it wasn't a form check but rather you just looking for a pat on the back?


Actually that was another video that I postedon WBB back when I was 16, that indeed did catcha lot of shit. That was some time ago though, I've changed.


Someone must have stole your video and posted it there then


Your camera has really good sound I was caught up in that. The only thing id say is when your done you kind of just let the dbs fall on you then pushed them to your legs. Instead of that if you can I would bring your knees to the bottom of the dumbells and then just sit up instead


Yeah that's what I usually do, but here I was sure I'd be able to push out one more rep and didn't expect I'd fail.


Why post a video of dumbbell bench press? If I post a video of my 1200lbs wrist curls will you guys tell me how my form is?

That's all I am getting from these types of videos, "bragging". Deadlift, squat, bench, snatch, front squats or any compound movement is different for form check.

I may have said it differently but you have only 4 post all of which are in this very thread.


I respect your opinion, but I did not fully understand what you meant. How is posting a video of a DB bench any different from posting a video of a BB bench? They are two variations of the same movement. Then again, you might very well be a lot more experienced than me, in which case you'd know more about this stuff than I do...

Anyway back on topic, is anyone else willing to tell me if my ROM/form are decent and how I could improve them?


^To give a usefull post I do think your form and depth are fine. I wouldn't be to worried about it if you are putting up 120lbs DBs.


yo bro im new to this board but have been on many others for a while. if you want to post a video because you are proud of an acomplishment just say so no harm in being proud of something that has taken you along time to achieve. but as far as your form the only thing i see is your head leaving the bench at the bottom of the lift. rom looks fine


hard to tell with you wearing the bulky shirt, but I dont think you retracted you shoulderblades together when you set up. Keep your head driving back into the bench. Other than that keep pushing.


Looks fine just get tighter and focus on getting a good setup


Do you have a small cyphosis (head foward)? I do (well I did for a long time) and I am very good at the DBbench compared to my level of development.


Thank you for your input guys.

I did not know what kyphosis was prior to reading this post, googled it and found out what it was. I'm sorry to hear you have it, but glad that you were able to lift despite having it. I don't have it.


Why do you keep bringing your head off the bench?


I was doing it without even realizing it, I stopped doing it now.


erm alright.


You said your DB bench is strong compared to your level of development. Just curious, what are your numbers in it? Are you better at it than at BB bench? Because I'm also better at DB Bench than at BB bench.