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12 Yr Old Deadlifts 140 kg



I wish I could do that at 12!!!!


lol @ the article

"muscles to rival most men. " @ 145 pounds

"dead lifting 140kg (22st) over his head"


Due to the shoddy nature of the photography and writing, I have difficulty understanding if the picture, or any of the text, is related to any of the other text.


Was it a deadlift or a snatch?


I think that it would be covered by a more reputable tabloid if it was a 140kg snatch. That also explains the stupid title.


It was a deadlift. Fucking nuts...


I don't know it it's wise to expose the spine of a twelve year old to the pressure of deadlifting for records.
We kinda got over the habit of having children do hard, manual labour.
Strange , to think he has puberty before him!

Wouldn't do it to my children. Although he looks very relaxed and very strong.

I hope he can eat big at home.


Yeah I was just about to post that video. Its a pretty amazing feat for a twelve year old. Apparently he is also a kickboxer. I bet none of the other kids try and steal his dinner money!


I was just thrown off by the "overhead" part of the article, made no sense to me lol


How much did he deadlift? Thats one badass 12 y/o.


22st = 22 stone

1 stone is 14lb

so like 310lb


It said in the article (although it seems we get to read different ones as what someone posted earlier was not in what I read) that his dad was a competitive body builder. I imagine they are providing fuel for this kid.


Wow, that's impressive. I was half his size at 12 and really weak.


Damn I didn't weigh 145 until I was like 15-16, kid looks really solid for 12 years old(how many 12 year olds actually have some trap and forearm development? insane).


Clearly things are different for most people, but I'd bet he's already a fair way into puberty at this stage, I know I was at 12. I wish I could have started training that early to know where I'd have stood compared to this.


oops hairline indicates......


his dad should teach him some form


He really made it look easy, face didn't even turn red. Impressive.


I'm not sure whether it's wise to let such a young boy risking to screw up his spine...


If you want an ida about how clueless their journalists are about muscles in general:

They don't know the difference between biceps and forearms.