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12 Year Lifter. Anavar Question. Need Feedback Please.


Hi everyone,

Though I have been reading things on thie site for some years, this is the first time that I am actually posting, and looking for some help.A couple of quik facts about me: I am 34 years old, and have been training for about 12 years. Im 5'11, weigh 228 pounds, and would guestimate that I am around 16 percent bodyfat.

When I started lifting 12 years ago I was 150 pounds soaking wet. I was always very skinny, but wasn't someone with great genetics ( I wasn't ripped up, and lean.Just skinny). The only AS that I have ever tried before was Anavar, which I took after lifting for 10 years naturally. My goal at the time was just to look a bit tighter, and to get stronger on the bench without putting on much more weight, which Anavar did.

I never cared about having some extra weight on me because I was a small dude before I lifted. I'm at a point now where I would like to cut up a bit (not cut to the point where i could step on stage, but lower my bf to see more seperation, abs out a tad more,etc). I have gotten my diet in check the last 2 weeks (high protein, lower carbs), and started to throw some cardio in (roughly 20 min a day. Moderate, 3 times a week.Afraid to do more until i start seeing what kind of weight i am dropping), which I always shyed away from. My biggest fear is that I will loose a good amount of my hard earned muscle if i do this naturally. I feel as though I need something to help me hold my muscle while I try to trim down a bit.

My question is, will Anavar help me to retain my muscle while I am trying to loose that excess fat? I know it's known as a drug that helps to reduce bodyfat while "promoting" lean muscle, but will this be enough to assist me? I read alot of mixed things on the subject, which is why I am reaching out to you all.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and helping me out.
- Mike


Seriously... someone needs to write a sticky about oral only cycles....


Re: Above post.

I've read thread after thread for years about oral only cycles. Most people against it, but some for it. I was never going to try an oral only cycle at first, but I read some good experiences that some people had with it and tried it for myself (I wanted an increase in strenght, and just to tighten up a bit, which it definetally helped me with) My goals have changed in the last 2 years, which is why I am asking if it might help me with what I am trying to achieve now.


You don't have to follow the "internet rules". No one here is an endocrinologist. Virtually everything said is repeated nonsense. Anavar only is awesome. It's free results. Just come up with your own opinion as for PCT. Responsible anavar use for a month won't have much impact on your HPTA. Maybe you want a serm. If a poster doesn't have blood tests they don't have anything worth saying. I've seen anavar blood tests with little total test impact and zero lipid damage. So much for the internet rules...

While anavar is considered super safe, and used on children, some people have unusual responses to stuff. That is more likely due to fakes and contaminants. Underground steroids generally suck compared to human grade. good luck. You'll like the fat burning effect. Check out GHRP-6, too.

p.s. If you can't make progress without gear, you'll never maintain any progress made on gear. That is one internet fact which IS true. Make sure your diet and training are worth supplementing.


Dear ScienceGuy

While I agree that there is much bunk out there, you seem to be mixing up your personal anecdotal evidence with actual science. Most of the more respected posters here have read many studies and abstracts on the issue of AAS. Many have written fully cited posts.

Can you provide us with published studies regarding your recommended use of oxandrolone and/or GHRP-6? That would be the scientific thing to do. In fact, since you believe that your anecdotal reports of blood work are enough to form a valid scientific opinion, I would like to know on what blood work you base your GHRP recommendation.

Since you are making implications about the scientific validity of posters here, I would like you to provide some of your own. As far as I can tell, you have provided none.


I like your post. I find steroids and endicronology interesting but most of what people write seems very anecdotal and often contradictory, though interesting. The idea that oral only cycles are always bad fails to address what the goal is. If it's max growth in minimum time then 24 hours day test probably is best but there are legimate alternate goals and routes i'm sure.

In terms of HPTA did you mean taking it in the morning only?

I also think that fear of injectables is often less to do with injecting and more a fear of underground produced injectables, at least with orals your digestive system has a chance to deal with it if its garbage. Guess that when you know and trust your source this isnt a concern though.

Finally on keeping gains i'd pretty much agree that the amount you can reach/maintain naturally is it, if you go beyond it on aas you'll return it to it afterwards, but i also believe that if you're below your 'limit' and use aas intelligently you can 'cheat' your way up to the limit and not lose it, just my conjecture - what do you think?


Thsnks for the response. Makes a lot of sense.