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12 Wks of Tren A Only?


i was thinking of running a tren A only cycle for 12 weeks. any thoughts?


I have the thought that you didn’t have one when you made this thread. Because if you did, you may have used the search feature first.


[quote]Thatguy1083 wrote:
I have the thought that you didn’t have one when you made this thread. Because if you did, you may have used the search feature first.[/quote]

Where can I see more of your Avatar? Know her name…amazing…

To the OP Are you out of your mind? Tren Ace is a Very Harsh drug…


ive read all million pages of the stickies, ive also read a couple books (steroid bible etc). they say other than loosing libido its fine to run just tren. i wanted to know if anyone had done so.


If you’re going to run tren without testosterone( I cant imagine why you would want to) make sure to dose HcG concurrently.

You could also add in methylandrostenolone to rectify the low E caused by tren.

Test would still be your best bet though.


[quote]imguy1010 wrote:
ive read all million pages of the stickies, ive also read a couple books (steroid bible etc). they say other than loosing libido its fine to run just tren. i wanted to know if anyone had done so.[/quote]

If you are aware of and prepared to deal with the side effects of tren only then it is ok to use. There is really no reason not to use low dose test or hCG but that’s up to you.

12 weeks is a very long time though. About twice as long as some would recommend and until you have experience with the drug you should limit the amount of weeks you plan to use it for.

If you want to hear experiences of others using tren DO A SEARCH! You are not the first person to ask this exact question.


12 weeks of every day injections sucks balls…even if you are rotating sites you start to run out of sites that feel good pretty fast.

low estrogen is the issue with running tren that long…after a few weeks your natural test is zero which means your natural estrogen is zero. You will have all the issues that go with that (ED being the biggest but joint problems, hairloss, lipid changes are all very real issues if you are running 12 weeks)…that is unless you have some sort of a way of restoring E (test, hcg, dbol, whatever).


Thanks Furious. sounds like 6 weeks would work better.

can you just step down gradually off the tren and have things return without doing some other drug?


You cant really do that off any AAS - but Tren is particularly not likely to react well to this idea.

You need to research more, heard of “post cycle therapy” at all?



12 weeks of TrenA ED would be fine with and equal amount of Test added in at a minimum 1:1 ratio. It can be rough, but i recovered fine from 16 weeks of tren so it is possible.

I don’t feel tren is as harsh as everyone says it is, if it feels harsh, your running too much. simple.

How many cycles have you done before? What are your stats etc? If your running tren because it “doesn’t convert to esterogen” and your worried about “bitch tits” you need to spend an exta 100 hours reading up on gear before you poke.

A great tren/test cycle would be 8 weeks
75mg test ED
50mg TrenA ED

Keep reading!


OK Brook, almost everything i have read on here and in the steriod bible says stepping down off test (which is an AAS) is 1 way to end a cycle. the others are concoctions of anti e shit. i was trying to minimize putting too much shit in my body.

joe, again im trying to not load up my wallet as well and looking for outside advice on ending a cycle safely and without alot of extra shit.

I am 33 6’2" 197lbs with 10-12% bodyfat depending on how much cardio im doing that week. i have been training almost my entire life and played pro sports at 1 point. i have never used anything ever except over the counter supplements.

deadlift 425
squat (raw) 375
cant bench messed up shoulder
starting kettlebells and thinking of competeting

so how does this “new ideaa” look-
w1-6 tren a 37.5mg ED
w3-7 dbol
w6-9 nolva 40/30/20/20


OK “1010” - ‘Stepping down from test’ or as its more commonly known in the context you are in, the ‘Diamond Pattern’ alone is an outdated method of trying to recover from a cycle - not saying it cant be manipulated to create an effective taper using AI’s/SERMS and taking elimination half lives into account (thats “anti e shit” to you) - as is seen with the stasis period before a taper or SERM PCT (my choice) in the sticky we have on this site.

APART from all that, this is talking about Testosterone, NOT any other AAS let alone Trenbolone. It is now believed that to taper from anything other than Test or maybe Drostanolone is totally ineffective and is the same as stopping ‘cold turkey’.

Please dont try to come to me with your 5 posts and your first cycle and think you have it all down from the ‘Steroid Bible’. There are a million articles and publications that date back decades and the ideas of AAS protocols differ massively over the years.
I too read (years ago) the same info you spout to me now, but after approximately 5-7 more years of reading i understand a little more about the functions of the HPTA, which is fundamental in understanding the PCT process.

Over the years many many men have experimented and recorded the most effective ways of using Testosterone and its analogs in a way that will cause as little unwanted side effects as possible.
This trial and error method is one of mankinds best and necessary ways to learn the intricacies of not only AAS, but most chemicals and life in general - but you cant skip the past 10 years of research for example and then think you are upto date.

‘anti e shit’ is a very effective method of helping the HPTA to recover after a steroid cycle… as is using a trt dose of testosterone following a non-test cycle then tapering down - the length of time is dependant on the duration of suppression - and then one may well add SERM’s there after.

Another idea would be to use HCG during a heavily suppressive non-test cycle, as it not only could help with libido - but it will assist recovery at the end.

As for competing at your height, you are going to need a whole load of size to add first, and tren alone wouldn’t be indicated in such a goal IME.
You are not 100% correct in that the loss of libido is the only reason Tren only isnt used, as the loss of libido could be down to a couple of factors - or is down to a couple of factors; No DHT and very low estrogen levels. This will affect mood alot and cause the psychological effects of tren to worsen i would bet.

As for your latest cycle suggestion, (god knows why you are so adverse to the natural androgenic-anabolic hormone flowing through your body as we speak) it intrigues me.

It would work - and it is part of a very popular cycle (only missing testosterone propionate of course), the strength IMO would be amazing, and the size potential would be great too.
I am not sure on Methandrostenolone’s effect in regards of DHT, so i would suggest that Proviron be used to provide that… if Test wont be used.
But the notorious good feeling from the dbol should be a good addition to the tren. Different classes too.

I was recently thinking of a similar cycle but including Mast.

Wk1-6 Mast P 350mg/wk daily injects.
Wk1-6 Tren A 350mg/wk daily injects.
Wk1-6 Dbol 280mg/wk (40mg/day)
TRT to follow.

But thats me.



sorry thats kettlebell lifting competitions not body building. i really dont want size at all. id be estatic with 5lbs of BF lost at 5-7 lbs of LMM. i play on 4 soccer teams, still play lacrosse and i bike race. i dont wanna run around for 90min at 235. my goals are just strength and looks. size is not what i am after-so thats why i would like to stay away from test. plus im married so i dont need a sex drive lol. i just want to have all my levels go back to normal after the cycle. and this is most likely be the only cycle i use.


OK fair enough on the goals and comp.

But trust me, it isnt the inclusion of test that makes levels NOT return to normal afterward.

Tren is known for being harder to recover from than test.

Dbol is definitely easy to recover from, but will cause massive bulk whilst on cycle which will rapidly drop on cycle.

You will also need an Aromatase Inhibitor as the Estradiol converted from the dbol along with the tren is likely to cause problems with estrogen related sides… let alone by itself.

You would do well to use test propionate which clears in a week almost totally with its 2 day half life, allowing a quick and easy recovery with a simple SERM PCT, along with Letrozole to prevent as much water as possible.
350mg/wk of prop will illicit decent gains over 6-8 weeks, depending on food and output and training 5-10lbs to keep forever is a very achieveable goal.
Letrozole at a mere 0.125 - 0.25mg a day would be a good dose to start on and increase/decrease as needed.

You could even run the tren at 37.5mg/day to make the gains even more pronounced but still believeable on your frame - better quality etc. they go very well together. But then we are back to impeded recovery - which is why i mentioned the test only cycle at all.

Or for minimal size but great strength you could use masteron dipropionate alone which would suit your goals perfectly i beleive.
Add a little dbol and that would be a lovely cycle that wouldnt be a struggle to recover from and leave you with a good 5lbs at least after 6 weeks.
As i mentioned though, dbol will add 15lbs and more of water on cycle so watch that with an AI.



add a little prop