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12 weeks to super strength

Hi guys …have any of ya’s tried the 12 week upper body program by Ian King-if so what were your results, i was thinking about trying it, but i would like to clean and deadlift a bit too and that doesn’t fit in w his program. Would i be better on a horizontal push pull on tues, legs thurs, vertical push pull sat?. thanks Mike

Deadlifts are in the program. I have been training for 8 years and I played college football and this is the best workout program I have ever been on. I am on the 3rd phase of upper body and lower body training and I have gained about 7 pounds. It has been incredible. I have been pretty consistent on my diet and consistent on my workouts. One of the great things about the workout is it is something totally different and is changed up every 3 weeks. The program definitely does not overtrain your body when you are clean. King is a genius. The only downside about it is that it is a tough program to do when the gym is crowded and is pretty tough without a workout partner.