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12 Weeks To Super Strength

I’m about to start Ian King’s Limping Into October and 12wks To Super Strength for chest and back routines.My question is if I do the chest-back on m-f and the limping on wed is this enough work?If it is when should I repeat the workouts,The following monday or should I repeat sooner say (sunday).Your help would be appreciated.Thanx

Ian recomends that you do the workout as follows. superstrength workout 1 on mon workout 2 on thursday. limping workout 1 on tues, workout 2 on fri. Or you could make the limping workouts on mon/thurs and the superstrength on tues/fri. You could of course change this so that they fell on different days, but for simplicity sake I would take this recomendation for simplicity sake.

good luck

I am just finishing up my sixth week and it’s going great to say the least. However, I’ve modified the program to 2 days on, 2 days off. So essentially I’m hitting each bodypart every 8 days, but my recovery is much better and my strength is through the roof! I do Limping Workout A on day 1, Super Strength Workout A on day 2, day 3 and 4 off, Limping Workout B on day 5, Super Strength Workout B on day 6, day 7 and 8 off, repeat using Workouts B. Take into account your recovery ability and whether or not you’re using Androsol or AAS to determine your specific schedule. Good Luck!

You could just take a day off between each workout. do CandB 1, day of, Limping 1, day off, CandB 2, day off, Limping 2.

While the chest and back worked fine for the 2 on, 1 off split, myself and others in my gym found that the limping program needed a little more recovery. We actually started inserting “light” days between the limping workouts, and then eventually just nixed the program altogether. I think if you already are handling big weights for legs, the intensity perimeters for limping stay too high for the duration of the program. This is just the feeling we got…the programs might work fine for you.

Made a slight mistake on my previous post. I meant “repeat cycle”, not “repeat using workouts B”.

My 2c - remember to start one three weeks (one phase) before the other, this helps enormously with recovery and progress. I’m finding that the 4 day/week method works well, but then I’m young(ish) and full of hormones.

Ian also has said that if you follow a three-day-a-week program (Mon, Wed, Fri), then you do the upper body workouts on Mon and Fri and the leg workout on Wed. Also, you would do the first leg workout one week and the second one the next week. So you’ll be alternating each week between the A and B leg workout.

Good Question. I have been doing the Limping routine for a while now and I do legs on Monday and Friday, You’ll need the time to recover. Then I do the upper body on the other days seems to work alright, I usually have about 45 minutes a week when my legs aren’t sore, but they are getting very noticeably stronger. Also make sure you are taking in as much protein as you can get your hands on, otherwise you’ll never recover and more than likely start taking commands from your sore muscles which have taken over your mind and eventually kill yourself. Have Fun.