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12 weeks to super strength

O.K so im new to T-mag and I am going to try out the “12 weeks to super strength” workout, know my confusion starts with the “tri-set” situation. I was just curious is do you only do each tri set once or do you do three sets of the tri set?Any one how could shed some light would be much appreciated…

In phase 1 A, the triceps ‘tri-set’ is performed twice. The first time through is your ‘warm-up’ set so use very light weight. The second time through is your ‘work set’ so bump the weight up a little. Every other exercise in 1-A is performed only once (no warm-up sets, just the work-sets).
In phase 1-B, the ‘biceps’ and ‘rows’ tri-sets both employ a warm-up set and one work set. The final ‘lat’ tri-set is only one time through.

I know it doesn’t seem like you should only do one work set for each muscle group, I was skeptical too, but trust me, it’s enough.

thanks alot guys I appreciate the quick responds, i start today so thanks alot…anymore advice would be appreciated.

Make sure to follow Ian’s guideline of progressive intensity. The first week, ALWAYS hit your target reps. The second week take it closer to failure and the third, go all out. Maintain the tempo prescriptions. Don’t overestimate the poundages you plan on using(it’s better to underestimate during the first week), otherwise you’ll hit failure at about 5 reps. Don’t worry about ego during phase 1 when your using VERY LIGHT weights, the benefits you’ll acquire in later phases far outweigh the brief lesson in humbleness. Good Luck!

I came off of a high intensity program when I started SS. So the “high” rep workouts nearly killed me until the third week.

I know that 12 sets seems low. But that last set will be nearly impossible. Trust us.

Holy shit, well you guys were right that last set of each tri-set brought a slight tear to my eye…