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12 Weeks to Super Strength Spot

Hi, everyone… I’d like to attempt the 12 Weeks to Super Strength program as well as the limping program, once school starts back up. Here’s the problem: Although we do have a nice gym, I wouldn’t trust any of the “trainers” farther than I could throw them (bad analogy, seeing as they’re such skinny bastards). I also don’t have a workout partner (I do my workouts really really early in the morning). Ian King seems to stress the use of a spotter, so how do I get around this? Can the program be used effectively without one?

of course you can. But on presses you’ll need a spot if you want to work with any intensity. Any of those skinny bastard personal trainers will be more than happy to spot you. Just ask them they’ll do it.

I guess my next question is whether or not I should attempt this program with a pathetic bench, or should I wait until I have something to work through? I seem to have plateued, but it’s a way way waaay low number…

For probably 75% of the program you won’t need a spotter, but to get the best out of it you will need 1 (or even 2)esp in week 12, go for it.