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12 weeks to greater guns

I was wondering if any of you T-men have tried the 12 weeks to greater guns program and if so what kind of results did you get? I was wondering if i could do this program with my normal chest and leg workout. I appreciate any help you can give me.

It’s a great program and feedback has been good. I did it myself and had surprising gains. Remember this is a specialization program so Ian recommends you just “maintain” the other muscle groups. Think about it: you’re training arms twice per week, plus they’ll get hit when you train chest and back because they’re the secondary movers. Just keep the volume low on non-arm days and don’t train to complete failure.

You asked, “I was wondering if i could do this program with my normal chest and leg workout.” If you’re young, new to training, a genetic freak or a heavy steroid user, then sure, probably. If you’re a normal guy it’s better to stick to Ian’s guidelines. (Plus, we don’t know what your “normal” program is for those bodyparts- or you age, sex, experience level, diet etc…)

BTW, your results will depend largely on your diet. I believe very strongly that most of us train hard enough to see gains, but very few eat properly to see gains. So when someone asked me, “Does X program work?” I say, “What kind of diet will you be using?” So just keep that in mind.

Here’s the split I used:

Monday: “Great Guns” Workout A

Tuesday: Legs

Wednesday: Chest and Back (low volume)

Thursday: Off

Friday: “Great Guns” Workout B

Sat and Sun: off

Good luck!

Works like a charm. However, like most Ian King workouts- it is absolutely brutal. I won’t ruin ot for you- but for some sets- you may not be using much more than the bar.

I slimmed down the other parts of my program- 8-10 sets for the other body parts. A heavy arm workout does not drain you like a heavy leg workout will- so over training should not be too much of a concern

i’m in the middle of phase 2 right now. it seems to be working pretty good. like Mr. Mixsixoplix said do not even worry about the actual weight, especially in phase 1. there were a couple of times i had to ask the vixens in my gym if they were done with the "8"s. you will be sore as a biznitch afterwards though.