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12 weeks to great guns

I’m about to start Ian’s great guns program. Have any of you made good progress with this program.

I have two weeks to go and will post results then, with details/splits/impressions/tips/criticisms and a lovely pie recipe.

I am on week 8. I think the program is working. I will not re measure my arms until the program is complete. I have found on this program I can lift weights only 3 times a week instead of 4 because my arms don’t recover fast enough. Needless to say my back and chest training are lagging right now. But I think this the kick start I need. I also suspect the forearm training will pay off big time in the long run especially with my chin ups.

I’m doing the program and it works well. I measured my biceps before starting and I couldn’t bear the curiosity so I had the same gym trainer measure them again before I’d finished the program. I had added two biceps inches–no lie. And we re-measured at different times to see if it was just a lingering pump effect, and it was not. And my body fat has dropped, so it’s not a fat gain. The trainer was astounded and said, “Well, a lot of that is the creatine.” I answered him, “But I’m not using any creatine!” My only supps right now are ribose and protein and MD6.

If you do this King program you should know immediately that it is based on form and intensity, not on weight, so if you have a gym ego you’ll fail. You will feel intimidated at first when the other gym hulks see you doing King’s program because you’ll have to use much lower weights (dimes, nickels and such) to survive it, and they might chuckle about your efforts with smaller weights, like “Get a load of this guy with the sissy weights–what’s he think THAT’S gonna do?!”. Make a covenant to yourself not to get intimidated or macho about it, and strive for the end result rather than the momentary image and you’ll succeed.