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12 Weeks Out with 12lbs to Lose


I have a hard time developing my outer sweep. My tear drops build pretty quick. Again I think once I go below 10% all heads should be pretty visable


I wish I knew, mate. I have the exact same problem. My teardrop grows just fine but I can’t get much sweep at all.

How do you squat? Apparently you can vary your squat stance to emphasise outer sweep over teardrop but I only have the mobility to do a narrow stance front squat so it’s not something I’ve ever been able to try.


Typically wide stance on a barbell back squat. But lately I’ve been doing narrow stance hack squat machine and narrow stance toes out smith squat. I don’t have the mobility to go very narrow on a free weight back squat. Soo. I’ve been trying a variety of things. My glutes develop very quick as well I have somewhat of a sway back. I’ll keep up the training and keep some progress photos coming as the weeks get closer.


Twelve weeks of poseing practise, cool.

I would stay the course, follow your program, and enjoy your first show.

I really wouldn’t worry about lagging body parts at this stage. Something to work on for the second show.


So I’m down to 187 by then end of this week (12weeks out) that leaves me with 10lbs to loose in 11 weeks. I’de like to get myself down to 181-182 as soon as I can that way i can see what I’m working with. And go from there. If I can get to 181 by 5 weeks out. That will give me optimal time to put on the finishing touches. Now here’s where I need advise. Since I’ve never done this before. I don’t want to start killing myself with cardio too soon and sacrifice muscle mass. But I don’t want to come to 5 weeks out with 10lbs to loose. At what point do I start doing fasted cardio and 60min cardio sessions only. This week I’ve done 3 HIIT sessions at the end of my workouts. And yesterday was strictly abs and 30 min cardio 10min Row/ 10min incline treadmill / 10min bike. Does anybody have good advise to offer? To include time frame (weeks out) to start doing what type of cardio, how much? I’ve heard of people who are already at or around target weight not starting their conditioning till about 4-5 weeks out. But since I’m cutting 11 lbs I need to come about this a little differently.

All advice appreciated


My general recommendations based on your diet:

  • Drop the fruit, dairy and packed tuna.

  • Buy whole tuna or similar fish.

  • Would need more detail but it sounds like the lean protein portions might be small. Increase these all around.

12 weeks is plenty of time, just get on it!


Taking off some size around my mid section. This week I hit 45 min fasted cardio and ab sessions Monday Wednsday and tomorrow (Friday) haven’t lost as much weight as I was hoping but I’m not dying anyways. Fasted morning weight after the steam room Wendsday was 186.5 yet I fill out to 189-190 when I weigh myself at the gym for my weight training.

My diet has been as solid as it can be. I’ve incorporated a lot of fish like myosin suggested.

Tuna steaks, salmon, tilapia.

I’ve also had some lean ground beef. Filets, and little chicken this week.

Carbs have been quinoa, sweet potatoes, and lightly salted air popped popcorn as a snack.

Fats have been Avocados, And Almonds

As far as training goes I’ve decided to really incorporate some old school training methods.

I find it odd that from the few classic physique show results I’ve seen it looks like physique competitors bulking up a little bit and that’s about it. I haven’t seen a real classic physique hit the stage, with the exception of builders competition thread! Man that guy had a classic physique.

Anywho. As for training. Along side my usual lifts I’ve been doing heavy pull overs, vacuums, and wide grip sternum pull-ups every day. I would like to get as close as possible to a young frank Zane look as I can. I don’t want to look like I could step on stage for a physique show or bodybuilding show. They made this new class for a reason. I’de like take advantage of that and produce a nice old school look

Sadik Hadzovic along with artemus dolgin have really been pulling that off lately


Dunno if you’ve seen this yet mate but this is the dude that won the first NPC Classic Bodybuilding title.

I have to say, I balked a little when they brought out the division, but frankly, if this is the look that is ideal for the division then hell yeah! Balanced physique, tiny waist. Dude looks incredible.


I completely agree yogi. Very nice physiques. Nice wide shoulders, thin waist. A nice X figure if you will. But where are the ridiculous vacuums and huge rib cages. Some of the staple aspects of the classic physique have really yet to emerge. This is all so new that we are barely scratching the surface. I think by 2017 we should be seeing some really nice classic division competitors… Timms (the guy you posted a photo of) did come in very conditioned and well put together. I will agree. But I didn’t see a vacuum from him -_-


Yeah I didn’t see the show but the feedback I saw on another forum is that the posing’s not there yet. No one’s really sure what they’re doing.

Like you said though I’m sure the division’s just finding its feet and we’ll see an improvement in things like that


You can pretty much walk your socks off and not lose any muscle…

Swapping one workout a week for the Wed/HIIT day here will shred you up super fast also:


I’m pretty curious myself as to how the new “classic” division will turn out. A good buddy of mine is an IFBB PHysique Pro, and unlike many he’s got very impressive legs, but still a tinyt waist, and a very very asthetic (but definitely sizeable!) physique. He’s been throwing around the idea of jumping into the new division, and while I can’t be completely objective (and because I have disagreed with many of the IFBB judges adherence to propsed criteria in the past), I’m banking on him making a big splash if he does.

On the flipside though, I do understand when some social media folks whine about there being too many classes.



Back flex


Lat spread


I’ve been giving the 6 days to shredded artical a go here. If you would like to follow. Please go to the link


To develop that outer sweep do duck leg press (heels close feet pointed out) in high rep ranges. Those Front squats, and loaded step ups focusing on the eccentric portion. Try one leg at a time. do the loaded step up on both the transverse plane (side to side) and Sagittal plane (box in front) if you do these two for a few weeks you’ll see those sweeps start to fill. good V taper and great progress keep it up!


Hey bro, how’s your prep going? Aren’t you about a week out now?


This also means you’ll have to make some permanent changes. You won’t even feel deprived! :slight_smile:


This also means you’ll have to make some permanent changes. You won’t even feel deprived!


Looking awesome dude…Also inspired me to loss my weight i such a time period…Thanks for images:smile: