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12 Weeks of Pain (Awesome!)

Has anybody tried the leg program by Ian king?
My first day legs are freakin screaming !
Are you supposed to do this program once a week,
twice a week or what? Awesome program.
People were looking at me like i was a freak. (cool)

I’m on the third phase of it right now (week 7) and I think it is great! I’ve been doing the quad dominant exercises (workout A) on Monday’s and the hip dominant exercises (Workout B) on Thursdays. For the first 3 weeks I was a bit sore but not limping (that dissapointed me!). The pain really kicked in around weeks 4 and 5!! My glutes are usually very sore after Monday’s workout now, so I usually can’t dead lift on thursdays like I had planned…I have posted questions about this program, but no one ever bothered to reply… My fellow T-Dudes let me down!

I’ve tried Ian’s 12-week program in his book “Get Buffed” and am currently following the “Limping” program. I’m also in weeks 7-9.

I’ve noticed soreness after all my leg workouts. But I’ve also noticed a decrease in strength. Part of it may be the fact that I had to lighten my loads when first using this program. The other is that I can sense when I get near the overtraining stage. I highly recommend Ian’s work:rest ration of 3:1 (three weeks of workouts followed by a half or full recovery week).

I haven’t quite gotten the size gains I was hoping, but I am making small improvements.

I’ll try something similar now that I know how to do the exercises. I’m interested in maximal strength, so my next program will be with heavier weights and lower reps.

I’m also using the “Super Strength” program in conjunction with the leg training. Again, I’ve noticed a decrease in strength, but I can see the size difference!

Ian’s programs are quite good. Hope to see more of them on T-mag!

Dude, try spreading your workouts over 10 days rather than a week as Ian suggest. I lift M-W-F and then finish a “week” on the following monday. The extra day/two between leg days make a big dif in recovery.

Nate, It makes sense that you see a slight decrease in strength, as his program is geared more towards hypertrophy and your neural recruitment may be reduced… I’m sure you’ll get the strength back when you start trainning heavy again… It was cool to hear your results. I agree that the next time around might be better now that I’m familiar with the exercises!

I finished the first workout of the phase two (quads) this past monday. My quads are still sore, two days following my workout I felt the same type of soreness I use to feel when I first began weight training 4 years ago. I agree with others and Ian about taking a week off. I got sick during late summer, probably from overtraining wrecking my immune system. As far as results go, my weights are down BUT, my technique is excellent. I can honestly say my quads feel harder and that i did gain some size already. The nice thing about his program is learning to do one legged squats all the way down. I couldnt make it half way down before. Now, I’m showing off to all my friends,lol.

I also purchased Ian’s video “Killer Leg Exercises.” That helped me perfect my form on a few exercises that are in his programs.

And my technique is also what Ian recommends. It’s crazy when I look around the gym and see all these other fools that do “parallel” squats and bounce all their weights.

I have competed in Olympic lifting in the past, so I became accustomed to doing full squats and wouldn’t go back to doing them parallel. And some of these guys that consider themselves doing parallel squats are more like quarter squats!

As for my strength, I should get that back soon as I’m getting ready to begin the final stages of the “limping” and “super strength” series.

Good luck fellow T-men!