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12 Weeks Into TRT - Have a Few Questions


Got my labs back that I took on 7/20, this was 24 hours after injection of 50mg test cyp (which I do twice per week)

Total Test: 736 ng/dL (348-1197)
Free Test: 16.1 pg/mL (8.3-26.5)
Estradiol Roche ECLIA Method: 17.9 pg/mL (7.6-42.6)
Estrone: 46 pg/mL (12-72)
Cortisol, AM: 21.8 ug/dl (6.2-19.4) HIGH

Questions, appreciate any opinions.

  1. Is it a good time to hop on HCG now? And if so what dose/schedule?
  2. Can I expect my cortisol to go down with more test via HCG?
  3. Can I begin injecting my test cyp subcutaneously? Currently do IM, looking for stabler levels.
  4. Any other labs I should get done soon?

No need to add AI with HCG immediately I believe since levels look good for now.

I meet with my doc again in 3 weeks, getting another set of labs done in 2 weeks

Thank you for any help. I'm 21 years old by the way

  1. I would. My testes had shrank significantly before starting hCG. hCG brought them back to about 70% of their original size. Inject sub-Q EOD @ 250iu.

  2. I’m not entirely certain on this one. I know elevated cortisol will lower testosterone, but I’ve never heard of raising testosterone to lower cortisol. More than likely lifestyle changes on your part would be enough to fix this.

  3. Much less invasive. Administer EOD and your levels will be very stable.

I agree with you on your E2. No need to add an AI if it’s not needed.

  1. Yes. I would do EOD and start at 160iu for a few weeks and see how your nuts, T levels and E2 are doing. Increase depending on the numbers. I suggest a lower dose to avoid needing an AI. You then can increase as needed depending on labs and how the nuts feel.

  2. not sure

  3. SubQ is better for me. Switch to EOD injections using a 29g 1/2" .5cc insulin needle and do you HCG and T shots same day. I find top of quad is the best place.