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12 Weeks In, Not Feeling Benefits. Starting to Question This Doc

Hi all,

I’m starting to question some of my current docs thinking, and would appreciate some input.

He says there is no point in testing for free testosterone/ SHBG as most people’s total test number accurately reflects the free t number. Not sure how true this is?

My most recent tests came back:

Estrogen- 151 < 157 pmo/L
Total Testosterone 28.0 Range 8.4-28.8 nmo/L

It’s been 12 weeks at 100mg/ week and I have yet to feel any real benefits and it’s been an emotional rollercoaster. I think the high e2 may be in play with that, however I do not particularly feel like hopping ok the AI train unless absolutely necessary.

Any thoughts?

Most? Most could mean 51%. So, yes, maybe it is true. Saw a guy last week with a total testosterone of 800 (250-1100) and a free testosterone level in the 40s (35-155). SHBG of 90 (10-50). Happens, maybe not to that extreme, all the time.

Go find another endocrinologist. My doctor works for me. I tell him what tests I want run and ask his advice but if a doctor won’t run a test then I’ll fire him haha. Im 3 years in and on my 3rd doctor who is pretty good but i feel like he lacks a lot of knowledge that you find on here. I’m running 110mg a week and I don’t like taking AI’s. I’m very sensitive and have dropped my Estrogen to 0 three or 4 times and life sucks for a month each time you do. My solution was to inject smaller doses every other day. I also inject subcutaneous in my fat on my sides or next to Belly button. I use a 29g needle and pre load a months supply. It takes about a minute to load a 29g needle. In any case, my estrogen slowly creeps up to where I need an AI about every 3 months. I’ve tried lowering my T but I felt like crap. I’m a little frustrated because every 3 Months I go through a month of trying to get my E in check.

This logic is flawed and means some people will fall through the cracks. If your SHBG is astronomically high then you are left in limbo and are destined to struggle which seems perfectly acceptable to your doc. You need a doc that’s going to treat everyone as an individual.

They are many reasons why TRT would fail to show benefits, thyroid problems being one of them. It could also mean testosterone isn’t your problem or that there are other issues going on that need to be addressed.

I doubt your current doc will be useful since he/she seems intent on skipping important testing. I didn’t benefit much from TRT injecting weekly and even twice weekly benefits were nill, my levels were fluctuating between my injections and don’t start showing benefits until my levels are super stable with minimal fluctuations in hormone levels.

Yeah this is pretty wrong, if not for the “majority”, it’s still wrong enough that I certainly wouldn’t go that route. It’s not like he’s paying for the testing… why not get the most data you can?

I’ve naturally had total T as high as 700’s and still my free T was still well below range. I had an SHBG of over 150 though, so obviously that’s why… but he would have never known that because he wouldn’t have tested it.