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12 Week 'Transformation'


or really difficult 'spot the difference'?

12 weeks. any (constructive) feedback would be greatly appreciated./ black and white are start. thanks lads


not terrible.

lols at the fact you scratched out your face on the side by sides but your avatar has your face. hehe. whoops.


Oh cool, your very first post is a Rate My Physique thread in which you did not post all the required pictures and in those pictures that you did post, presented us with a physique that will look like you workout after roughly a year of dedicated training. Better yet, you've been a member since 2009 and after presumably lurking for 2 years, this is the progress you have to show based on all the information present for you to utilize?

You get nothing, you lose! Good day, sir


To be fair I know this dude from another website (greetings Steelicarus (sp?) you still on UKM?) and he takes training seriously


Not seriously enough.


i really like the double ear punch pose


I can't accurately judge his physique without seeing a bare-ass shot. OP, check out my thread on here for all the required poses.


If you hadn't said that the black/white was at the start, I honestly wouldn't have been able to tell which were the before and which are the after shots...

What was your goal? What are your goals moving forward?



OP: I can barely see any difference. Keep trying though!


Freaking ripped. Time to get below 1200 cals and cut for the rest of summer.


Seriously? No difference? You can clearly see that OP shaved his chest.