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12-week Primo/Test E Cycle


38 y/o
6' 209lb starting weight (2 days ago)
20+ years lifting experience
Cycle experience: Back in 99 I did a really dumb short cycle, about 5-6 weeks duration pyramiding up to 1000mg/wk sustanon and 600mg/wk deca. No AI, no PCT. From what I can guess, the long esters in the sust created sort of a natural taper, allowing my natural production to restart with no issues. Never had any issues since then.
A little over a year ago, I went through 4 (I think) short cycles, 2 on/5 off repeated. Tren A/Test P/Mast P blend, adjusted dosages on the last cycle and saw less sides.

Cycle Plan: weeks 1-12
Test E 250mg per week (400mg first week, with a Prop kickstart for 3 days)
Primo averaging 790mg per week
Exemestane on hand, took 25mg yesterday. Will adjust dosing to figure out best amount/timing.
Weeks 13-14
Test Prop 35mg ED (to transition from long esters to PCT)

Nolvadex 40/40/40/20/20/20

Currently in week 1. For training I am doing Juggernaut without the deload weeks (unless I feel I need one). Diet is the only weak point, since I am living shipboard during this, and don't have control over what is served. Food is pretty good, but still. I had planned on a 14 week cycle at 700, but had to shorten it due to some future scheduling.

I am injecting 230mg Primo EOD, and 125mg Test E E4D. According to the roid calculator, this will give an almost flat hormone level throughout. Got my gear from a well-known UGL with great reviews, so I am confident it is legit.


y such a low test dose? also have u considered hcg durring. i would definately recomend an ai durring pct


Test E is low just to replace the shutdown, I mainly wanted to see what primo can do. I may use the exemestane during PCT as well, at least periodically to keep E low.

Forgot in the OP, I'm also using TNE/DBol injectable as a preworkout on 4 out of my 5 lifting days. That will be two weeks in a row (starting next week) and then a week off. I know that will cause my T levels to fluctuate a bit, so I'm planning to play that by ear.

Won't need the exemestane too much with the primo since it doesn't aromatize, but I will definitely take it during the weeks I am using the TNE/DBol. If the fluctuation causes acne or bloat, then I'll probably drop it but I'm hoping the AI will take care of that for me.

I haven't used HCG before, and didn't order any with my other stuff. I've been thinking about seeing if I can source it local, to use on the back end.


TRT dose test with high dose primo has long been a dream of mine. Just wish I could afford it!


I'd throw in some HCG 1500iu 3x a week for first 3 weeks of pct. And maybe some clomid but clomid can make people emotional so I know many who avoid it.

Would be interesting to see! Can imagine some good quality gains and good keep with some hcg and strong recovery.

The primo with get rid of all estrogen problems so I would forget about the aromasin,

My experience with Primo is limited as it cost a bomb and I'd like to run it high like you but know a guy who loves it and he looks good

I'm all about low dose test, let the compounds work.

Enjoy some lean gains!



Let us know how it turns out! I see primo in my distant future once I can afford it.


This past week, I shot Prop on Sun, Mon, and Tues mornings (.5, .4, and .35 respectively). Rotated through each delt and left thigh.

Got my gear on Tues, so I jumped right in to make sure I have time to finish before I have to travel after the end of the cycle. Shot 1ml Test E(250mg/ml), half in left thigh and half in syringe with Primo. Shot 2ml Primo(plus .5ml test E) into right thigh, and 2.3ml Primo into right VG. All this was Tues afternoon, extra injection to get levels up quicker. Had planned on starting on Monday, but didn't get it till Tues (like I already said). Injected 2.3ml Primo into left VG Wed morning, which puts me on schedule (as I have it planned). Next injection will be Friday morning, 2.3ml Primo + .5ml Test E.

BTW, Primo is 11mg/ml concentration.

I've only done thigh injections once before, and that was with a cheaper tren/test/mast blend. That was into my VMO on each leg, and about wrecked me for a few days. Figured injecting into mid thigh wouldn't be as bad, but...wow, was I wrong. Left thigh isn't too bad, right thigh is sore as shit. Just doing cardio today, hopefully it clears up some by tomorrow (deadlift and BBB front squat day). From here on, planning to keep the injections in the VG area since I've had no pain reaction there.

I'd heard Primo had a decent amount of PIP due to high molecular weight, but wow. Glad I got the 100mg/ml instead of the 200. That would have given me smaller injections, but probably would have killed even more. Besides, the 100 concentration was 'product of the week' when I ordered, so I saved 50%. Can't beat that.

Sorry this is so long, just trying to keep it going as a log of sorts. Probably won't do a proper daily update log, just planning on updates as they come - at least weekly even if there isn't much to report.


On a scale of 1 to 10, how bad was the PIP from the 100 mg/mL Primo? I'm curious as I'm considering running Primo for the first time (at a 200 mg/mL concentration)


Sorry, but I don't have much to compare it to. Like I said above, the two glute injections I have done with it this week don't hurt, except a very minor bit if I press on the general area. I think my thighs may just be sensitive to injections, can't say for sure.


Don't use hcg during pct, it is suppressive itself.

I'm sure you know that all ready boatguy


Yeah, I've been reading up on it a bit. If I get some, it will be 3-4 weeks toward the end of cycle, while leaving enough time for it to clear before I start PCT.

On a side note, injected 2.3cc Primo + 0.5cc Test E this morning upon waking, into the right VG. A little sore immediately post-inject, but went away fairly quick. I think that's it then, my thighs are just sensitive to injections.

Also, the TNE/DBol blend I have is pretty well crystallized in the vials. I know I should be able to fix that via hot water soak, but I'm thinking that's going to feel awesome once it's injected. Can't wait. :frowning:


So I'm on this tub with nowhere to go and not a lot to do, so I'm thinking I'll turn this thread into a proper log. Haven't decided whether to just catch up on this one, or just start a new thread for it.


what kinda gym you got on the boat cap'n?


Yogi - It's actually fairly decent. Just the basics really, but not bad. Enough for the main lifts with some accessory work.

Smith machine which also has adjustable j-hooks and safety bars on the front so it can be used as a power rack. Dual cable stack that goes up to 200(or close, I forget) on each end, with pullup bar on it. Also have a pullup/dip/hanging leg station, and a pullup bar on the bulkhead that was welded together by some of the engineer types. Four-way universal-type setup, haven't really used that. I've tried doing leg extensions on it, but the cable is so slack that your legs are past 90 before it moves the weight. Dumbbells only go up to 70, but that's been enough so far. I've considered getting a couple of the other guys to go in on some more dbells, but we haven't done it yet. Some small kettlebells, plus the 53# one I brought out last rotation. Three treadmills, a recumbent bike, and several ellipticals, as well as a C2 rower.

Like I said, fairly small, not a ton of stuff but enough to get some good work done. I lift in the mornings before my shift, and just about always have the whole place to myself, maybe 1-2 other guys in there at the most (so far, the tech guys suddenly find the gym when we are underway and there's nothing else to do).


Moving this thread to a cycle log, address: