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12 Week Ostarine Cycle


Ostarine first cycle,

I have decided to try some Ostarine, new to all of this.

My experience - been training since I was 15, I am now 25. 75kgs, pretty fat at the moment.

B - 130kg
S - 150kg
D - 190kg

10mg a day. Following it up with an OTC PTC.


I also follow 531 for anyone who’s interested. So I go 4 times a week and hit each movement twice. I have been considering adding an extra day as my recovery should be better and I want to make the most from this cycle. However still undecided, I enjoy 531 and the format of the program works for me.

DAY 1 - Taken my first tablet today as the order came today. Excited to say the least, sadly a rest day for me feel a bit tired from work so had a nap.

Will update log as and when if I notice anything and such!

DAY 2 -Day 2. Most likely placebo but had a decent workout.

I follow 531 today was bench. Did find I seemed to have more stamina towards end of workout. To follow up, I always get mega doms. Woke up today and can feel my chest has been worked, but it is nowhere near as sore what I usually get!

DAY 3 - Had an okay squat workout. 122.5kg for 6 on my top set.


Why not just pin the real stuff


Total first timer. If I am honest same old shit with not wanting to inject. However since being on for just over a week I do find myself thinking about going with something more potent next time…


no kidding. ostarine doesn’t do shit.