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12 Week Main Lift Progression

I saw this from Coach and immediately want to give it a try in a few weeks after my deload week:

●Week 1: 5/4/3 waves
Week 2: 6/5/4 waves
Week 3: 7/6/5 waves
Here you should shoot for maintaining the same weights from week to week while adding the 1 rep per set

Week 4: 1/4 contrast
Week 5: 1/5 contrast
Week 6: 1/6 contrast
Again, with the goal of using the same weights with the additional rep per set

Week 7: Poliquin cluster (5 reps / 20 sec between reps)
Week 8: Miller extensive cluster (4-6 reps /30-45 sec between reps)
Week 9: Miller intensive cluster (3-4 reps / 45-60 sec between reps)
Here you would obviously add weight from week to week

Week 10: 5/4/3/2/1
Week 11: 3/2/1 waves
Week 12: Ramp up to 1RM●

I think I saw where you recommend 1 big assistance lift after the main one and then 2 isolation lifts for the muscles worked or weak areas.

■ My question is how would I know what the best bang for my buck big assistance lift is good for the main lifts?

■ Could I look at your Cluster training program lifts to get a good idea for the best assistance for BENCH SQUAT DEADLIFT and PRESS?

You can start by the series by Tom Sheppard. Tom has been a client of mine for 3 years and we talk daily.

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