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12 Week MAG-10 Cycle Opinions Wanted !

Does anyone see any problem with going on MAG-10 for 12 straight weeks ?

The protocol would be

1 dose MAG-10 / day for 12 weeks
(this works out to exactly 6 bottles)

Calories at 18 * bodyweight (adjusted weekly to keep up with bodyweight changes)

Would anyone see any need to add clomid to this cycle ?

Is there any problem with staying on even longer? 6 months ?

Let’s get some serious discussion going on longer cycle ideas.

I forgot to include the goals of this cycle:

3.5 lbs gain every week rain or shine

This may be ambitious, but I think possible if calories are kept at 18*Bodyweight and if constantly adjusted to deal with increasing bodyweight.

Lets hear some feedback

Hey keep me posted. Im doing a cycle of mag-10 in January for about 8 weeks. Id like to know how it went for you and what you did. 3 lbs seems alot but best of luck.

im in the same boat as lou, i want to do the mag for longer than normal also i was thinking 6 weeks. got a question too. Is Crysin the real deal? does that stuff work? because i also want to know about androgenic side effects.