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12 Week Hypertrophy Program?


I need a good, free hypertrophy program. Preferably 12 weeks but I will except anything. Please help thanks


Well, tell us about yourself… What are your stats, what have you been doing? What kind of workouts do you enjoy? How often can you lift?


lift weights for the next 12 weeks :wink:

Dude, there are literally thousands upon thousands of free programs not only on the internet, but on the website you are currently on. Pick ANY of them and get working.


I want to gain muscle quickly as possible, I’m a male 5’7 135 so I’m pretty skinny. I worked out about 3 months before track season and saw results just not as quick as I’d like so now that I’ve gotten into the flow with track I’m ready to start a training program(not track related) just want to gain muscle


Here is a solid 12 week program


Literally no one sees results as fast as they’d like, in weight training or anything else actually. You are in for a world of hurt in life if you expect things to happen as fast as you like in any endeavor.


I meant that as I think there would be a quicker way to gain muscle if I changed my training


You are actually in a good position, because you said that you did get results on your previous program, thus you know for a fact that that program works.

I recommend following that exact program, and putting 100% effort and consistency into it.

As you said, you know it works. And as I said, no one is ever satisfied with their rate of progress… so your best bet is to stick with a program you know works (which you have given zero details about, so I’m not sure how you expect anyone to recommend something “better”)


It was a program through the weightlifting class at school. And after 3 months it gets very boring and monotonous. I just want a good hypertrophy program I looked for one on google and couldn’t find anything for some reason so I came here


What did you think of the one I provided?


It was good not quite what I want tho, have anymore suggestions?


No, because you haven’t said what the issue is with it. It would just be me shooting in the dark.


Curious how much lean muscle weight do you actually believe your going to put on in 12 weeks?


Maybe 1-3lbs, I gained strength with my old program just not as much muscle. And yes Ik strength comes from muscle but I want muscle gain to be the focus


I just want an effective program that’s focus is on building muscle mass


Ok…1 to 3 lbs is more than doable in 12 weeks based on what I think your experience level is… curiously what did you dislike with the program that @T3hPwnisher suggested?


Try the one I posted.


Okay still open for suggestions


Nothing was wrong with it I just got tired of it, very repeative and boring at the end so I don’t want to restart it again


what where you actually doing?