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12-week First Cycle, On Week 3

hello everyone bitched out of first cyce destroyed tha juice now im back with more … how ever i am now on week 3
Running test propianate and tren cyp
Week 1 test .5 cc (50mg) tren cyp .5cc (50mg)
Week 2 (Same as week 1)
week 3 1cc test (100mg) 1cc tren (100mg)
week 4 1cc test (100mg) 1cc tren (100mg)
Week 5 1cc test (100mg) 1cc tren (100mg)
week 6 1cc test (100mg) 1cc tren (100mg)
week 7 1cc test (100mg) 1cc tren (100mg)
week8 1cc test (100mg) 1cc tren (100mg)
week 9 1cc test (100mg) 1cc tren (100mg)
week 10 .5cc test (50 mg) .5cc tren (50mg)
week 11 .5cc test (50 mg) .5cc tren (50mg)
week 12 .5cc test (50 mg) .5cc tren (50mg)

Have ai on hand 1mg anastrozal taking .5 EOD
I am 19 and my friend assures me this is a safe cycle i wont need any pct just natural test boosters
How ever i am unsure is there anything you guys think i should run after this cycle or do yous think ill bounch back quick? sound dudes please trow me some helpful feedback

I have never seen a cypionate form of tren.

yh sorry its sis labs trenabol 100 and its acetate beg my pardon

First of all, You are supposedly running Tren on your first cycle… Tren Cyp??? That’s a new one to me… Secondly, You are running girly ass dosages if I am reading this stuff correctly. People run TRT at a higher dose that what you are running.

You are 19… Your little teenage nuts are producing plenty of test. Your friend is a fucking idiot… Safe cycle? HAHA yea its safe to say you are wasting money and possibly fucking up your body’s ability to produce test.

So you bitching out of your first cycle was probably the smartest thing you did. I think you should do the same with this one.

You need to educate yourself and not take the word of your “friend”.
I see this doing more bad than good. And this is me being nice.

tren ace and you really thing no results will appear from these dosages ?

So I take it you in the Uk.


Disregarding the fact that you’re 19 and likely have no clue what the hell you’re doing chemical, gym, sleep, or diet wise…

100 fucking mgs of test a week???

100mg of TREN ACE???

please tell me you’re not pinning the tren ace once a week dude

2wice weekly

I would pin acetate 3 times a week… Enanthate I’d do twice a week… I think you need to do some serious research before you do more harm than good.

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i really appreciate the feedback moose but i really want to complete one cycle to experience it then put in 2 more years training before next one do you really think i should abandon this one i was fine afer the last time i stopped but i dunno if i went in too deep this time my mates father is a bodybuilder and im sure he knows what hes doing but these dosages seem low to me as well ?

This is where you’re losing me.

100mg TOTAL a week (so .5cc a shot) or 100mg per shot (so 200mg total).

Test prop EOD (3x weekly) at 100-150mg per shot is fine.

Tren ace EOD (3x weekly) at 100-150mg per shot is fine.

the test is 100 mg per 1ml … i like the sounds of that anabolica ima redesign the cycle and post here im picking up a bottle of tamoxifen next week planing on running this and only this pct ?

each .5 cc shot is 50 mg its 100mg per 1ml

Still very confused brother. I would offer more help but you’re 19 and really shouldn’t be doing this until you reach a level of knowledge that you don’t need my help to tell you that you shouldn’t be pinning prop only 2x a week

i dont know everyone here is not very helpful … ?we were all like me once so let me do it give me some solid info get me on a nice anabolic level

What weight and height are you ? And what bf %?

No one spoon fed us the information. If you can’t find this shit out on your own by googling or searching these forums idk what to tell you, you don’t even know the basics.

Go read chemical wizardry.

Do some research on your own!!! You don’t just get info thrown at you.

Guys chill I got this.

Bro just make sure you get superdrol start at 30mgs and go up. All issues will be solved

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