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12 Week Fat Burning Program


I'm 20 Years old. I weigh 200 pounds, and I'm 5'8". I'm like every other chump who wants to slim down and eventually put muscle on.

I'll give a quick update on myself before I look for a critique on my plans:

  1. Since September, I've lost about 15 pounds.
  2. I've been an on and off routine kind of guy. 6 Weeks strong. 4 weeks off. New plan, and back to the gym to repeat the process over.
  3. My eating habits range from good to mediocre.
  4. I lost those 15 pounds through a 50/50 split of Cardio and Weight training. I expect I'd have lost more had I been eating better throughout that time period. I used a lot of personal excuses in that time period, and I shouldn't have.

Anyway, the idea is that for the next 12 weeks I want to eat clean, cut down my carbs and up my protein, and destroy fat through moderate to intense cardio (coupled with some weight training). I realize that this is mostly a weight training board, but my goal is to eventually step up to that, but I feel I need to focus on my weakest area... My general fatness.

So here is my plan:

1. Lower Body Weight Training (this would include Squats, Leg Presses, Abs, etc).
2. 40 Minutes of cardio (Elliptical, Bike, Stairclimber, etc).
3. Interval Training for 20 minutes (30 seconds of sprinting, 4 minutes of walking).

1. Upper Body Weight Training (this would include curls, pulldowns, chest press, etc).
2. 50 minutes of cardio (Same exercises as previous cardio list).
3. Circuit training (run through 3 exercises, decreasing reps in one exercise until that exercise reaches zero while increasing one rep in each of the other exercises until the first exericse reaches 0).

Rest Day, but I would use this more as a day to get out and just walk around the neighbourhood, or go for a relaxed bike ride.

1. Lower Body Weight Training.
2. 50 Minutes of Cardio.
3. Circuit training.

1. Upper Body Weight Training.
2. 40 Minutes of Cardio.
3. Interval Sprints.

NOTE: When I say weight training, on any given day, I'll probably only do 3-5 exercises, while trying not to do the same exercise more than once a week).

As for my diet, I already outlined that above, but I'll be eating between 2000 and 2200 calories.

Once I was done of the 12 Week Program, I was going to re-evaluate the program and cut cardio and add weights as I see fit. Obviously after 12 weeks, I won't be down to 160, but I should be one step closer to that goal.

Any thoughts would be appreciated!


i am by no means an expert, but ive gone with 10-15% caloric deficit based mostly off of the nutrition for newbies thread, i think its written by a trainer on here called christian thibideau. ive been on it now for 12 days doing my regular weight training, and thrown in the odd 5k run.

For me avoiding carbs has made the biggest difference. im taking in 60& of my calories in protein, and about 9% in carbs rest in fats. im 5'11" and have gone from 195 to 184 at about 1900-2000 calories. Ive been training ( totally wrong) for the past year and a bit so i have a fair bit of mass built, that might be helping with the cut. but this is what has been working for me man, just my .02

also for your cardio id suggest getting off the machines and hittin the pavement, specially while the weathers nice man.


Waterbury Summer Project:

I and many others on this site have used this routine with good effect. I post this routine because the one you listed above was too vague for critique, and because if you are posting in the beginner's forum, it's probably better to steal a professional strength coach's routine than try to put one together yourself.

I realize it's only 8 weeks. If you do the program as written, you should see incredible progress during that time. If you want to add another four weeks just for kicks, decrease your kcals, add some more thermogenics, or increase the volume of cardio/HIIT to continue the fat-loss.

It's incredibly important to do the full 8 weeks (or 12) consecutively. The 6-on/4-off thing won't work, don't do it.


That one sentence right there shows that you don't know much about weight training. I agree with Otep, follow something laid out for you by someone else. Also you say your weak area is your general fatness, but you need to understand, weight training is better for that as well.

Good luck.


Well, considering I was only going to do a max of 5 muscle specific workouts for my routine, I was going to keep it pretty simple. But of course the reason I posted in the beginner section is because I don't know much about weight training :p, with that said, I will take your guys's advice!


I could just tell you all this in person, but fuck it:

first off the most important thing you need to do now is to learn how to eat correctly. This article lays things out pretty clean and simple. you'll have to read through both parts throughly, maybe even read them over twice.

Nurtrition for Newbs by CT

after learning how to eat right, you're gonna need to learn how to train right.

I know you think cardio is the tool that will burn your fat, but in my opinion your weight training is more important. Since you are such a newb if you clean up your diet a lot of and weight train properly your body composition is going to change, drastically.

for training, the excersizes you need to be doing must consist of mostly FREE WEIGHT exercises, using machines at this point is not going to help you very much if at all.

i agree with the guys here saying you need to do a program that's laid out for you, but since i know you personally i beleive the Waterbury program posted is to complicated. you need to learn how to do more excersices before you jump into something like that. I think for now doing something extremely simple like:

Bulgarian split squats (google this)
Bench press (bb or db)
Db Rows
Chinups/pulldowns (i don't think you can any chin ups can you? that would be a reallly important thing to work on)
and either a Dumbell shoulder press or military press would be quite effective

you could add in curls if you wanted, but that would make your weight training session a lot longer then need be, knowing you as a guy who has little background in sports/athletics you need to work on experiencing your larger muscle groups first.

something like three sets of about 10 reps would be very effective. and you need to make sure you hit failure at least once or twice between the three sets.

good luck


also you need to switch gyms asap, its likely that you can get into upei without paying...our friend Kyle M waltzed into the upei gym the other day...how likely do you it is that he paid for it?


more must reads:

wow ct has like tripled in hugeness since these were written

take special note of the carb requirments

Training for Newbies, part 1:


Training for Newbies, part 2:


Physique clinic
id say read everything bartl did


yeah its going to take a lot of of time to read all this, but i most certinaly read all these articles...once if not twice since i started to come here...and its laid my foundation of training and nutrition knowledge.


what did you eat yesterday. be specific


In hindsight, I'd have added more vegetables and upped the calories by a bit. I wanted to take in 2000, but it was my first day of my routine, so I made some mistakes, but I'm learning from that.


good shit. using fit day is the best way to keep track of your macros imo.