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12 Week Cycle, Upping Dosage Week 8

 I have read on here before about upping the does as of week 8 to combat myo.  I seen other cycles were they just doubled up and kept growing.  I was talking to a local guy and my cycle is 

wk 1-7 500 mg test e a week 400 mg tren e
wk 8-10 400 mg tren e
wk 8-12 1000 mg test e

wk 15 - 17 clomd

But my local guy told me it would be better to just take my test up to 750 mg that coming off of 1000 mg is hard that’s what he was going though. I have enough test to run it 16 weeks at 1000 mg but though I would just save it for the next time.

The other thing I was thinking about is getting a thing of deca and running that when I run out of tren but I think I will just hold off for that till next cycle

what do y'all think should I only go up to 750 or 1000 mg

I like a grand just saying

[quote]Reed wrote:
I like a grand just saying[/quote]

2nd that