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12 Week Cycle Critique Please

Ok, here it goes:
Its a twelve weeker as follows-

Deca phenylpropinate-150mg/eod
Test prop- 200mg/eod
Masteron- 100mg/eod
GH- 3 ius am, 3ius post workout/ed
Humulog-8ius am, 8ius post workout only on training days

Following this I was going to do the stasis taper with test e.

Right now I’m a pretty lean (9% bf) 218lbs. 5’8"


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I have no experience with hGH but a lot of guys that do run it often have started preaching EOD at a higher dose vs ED…ex. run it at 10iu EOD rather than 6iu ED.

I think Morepain was one of the guys that would advocate this approach (he said so in his parting speach from memory). I believe he tested the two protocols pretty extensively (ED vs EOD) and found 10iu EOD along with about 6iu insulin to be cheaper and more effective. You can search his posts and I am sure you will find it.

also, bump what bush said about the masteron. I was doing mast enth but found that anything over 300mg/w was counterproductive due to muscle tightness/cramping. I was happiest with 250mg/w.

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This may sound like a stupid question?
But here it is i shoot let’s say 6iu of insulin follow an exact protocol on carb’s etc. etc…

The Judge

[quote]bushidobadboy wrote:
Possibly too much masteron. More than 250-300mg/wk is unpleasant for me and many others. Muscles become too tight and feel like they don’t recover properly. Possible cramping.

Other than that, AAS-wise, I like the cycle. It has a 19Nor, test and a DHT derivative. So even if your Npp is a little high for the amount of test, the DHT-based masteron will support libido anyway.

Having said that, I would run it for 8 weeks, and do an abbreviated stasis taper, focussing on the stasis part. This is partly to reduce the amount of time on insulin and partly to reduce time on the nandrolone which is a highly suppressive drug and will shrink yo love spuds.

Do you plan on running any metformin to restore insulin sensitivity post cycle? It is cheap and effective. If not, fish oil and CLA may do the job.

Any a’dex or other form of estrogen management (besides the masteron) planned?

I would take that second 3iu of GH pre workout, for its anti-catabolic and free fatty acid releasing properties.

You’re not going to get huge off 3iu PWO, so you might as well exploit its fat burning properties during your training sessions instead.

You could probably get away with 6iu of insulin. What time of day do you train BTW?

Finally, what is your carb/insulin protocol for post workout? I would suggest a standard dextrose and whey isolate blend (with creatine, BCAA and glutamine) for immediately PWO, but no insulin. Then, 60 minutes later, low GI carbs and more protein (either natural sources and/or whey, but not isolate) WITH your 6-8iu of insulin. I would also take advantage of the insulin, to get in more BCAA and (creatine if needed).

But this is all just one mans’ opinion.


Just the opinion I was looking for! I’ve never taken metformin, usually just go with CLA(I take ZMA anyway), but I’ll give it a try. As for the serm’s believe it or not I’ve never really needed them, and I’ve done some pretty heavy cycles. Of course I always have adex, nolva and letro on hand but like I said, I never get gyno. Don’t get me wrong, my nips will get a little puffy, but nothing I can’t deal with.

As far as the mast goes, the highest I’ve gone in the past is 350mg/wk and I do remember getting pretty tight so I’m gonna stick with that again (just thought I’d throw the 100mg/day out there). And with the GH I will def try it that way. Its been a good 5 years since I’ve been on the “G” so it will be interesting to try out a new method. To Bushy: what are your thoughts on taking gh at a higher dose every other day as oppose to every day?


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Ok, so I’m gonna go 10iu’s eod on the gh. You think I should split it AM and PWO?


Right, very vivid hypothetical situation!

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