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12 Week Cycle, Arimidex Starting from Day 1?


Hey there, I’m going to start my first cycle soon and wanted to clear one thing up. My cycle looks like this…

12 week cycle

Week 1-12 Test E 250mg/E3D
Week 1-4 Dbol 10mg 3x/D
Week 8-12 Proviron 50mg/D


Week 12 Nolva 20mg 2x/D
Week 13-15 Nolva 20mg/D

From what I’m reading I should be taking Arimidex, so would the correct way to go about that be to start from day 1 and run it all the way through PCT?

31 years old
210 lbs

Lifting for 6 years and have a good workout regime and diet is on point. First cycle for me


Anyone have some advice?


Nice cycle mate, many friends of mine have had great success with test e. I would however look into the half life of that particular ester and maybe only pin that twice a week. as far as arimidex you wont need to take that the whole 14 weeks. take this aromasin during your pct and add clomid to the post cycle therapy.


I would start adex from the beginning. it takes 2 weeks before it gets to steady blood values. regarding dosing only blood test can you give the answer


Corrected :slight_smile: thanks for spotting that for me bud. EOD would be too much for me lol